Remember, most Snakes are Good for Us; they EAT Rats

Remember all the times the Ear and Mr Hudson said that we all need to work for the children of Ellicott. The many times they said our children should always be first. Now just how is the following good for our children’s education. quote from the Ear: “The snakes are out and everyone needs to watch where they are stepping. We have lots of snakes in Ellicott. It was reported that someone saw a snake near the school district offices last week.”  I guess these two have set the tone for this election and the next few months, so let the games begin.

I guess slandering, name calling and lying can be educational; as things not to do. We are losing our moral directions, we allow adults to misdirect our children and fail as our leaders. Accountability is falling on the wayside. Just today I hear a “smart” individuals say, “yes they are poor examples but they do some good, they are not trustworthy but …….”. Why the “but”, there are individuals that can do good, without the but …….

quote; “One package was picked up by Mrs. Jackie Chambers.” Yes, Mrs Chambers did pickup her package, so did 7 or 8 other candidates for the 2 & 4 year positions. We may have more than 10 individuals to choose from. We have worked hard to get a full ticket and it looks like we have. Is this a sign that other folks want a new board? Guess who has a personal beef for the Chambers, the word is it could be Mr Hudson?

On a side note: We will be asking the  election board a few questions and requesting that they change the requirement that requires an individual to determine which position they are running for until they file their paperwork. Why is it a requirement to declare the day you pick up the paperwork? Does not make sense. The voters must remember there are individuals that we want removed as our representative on the school board. The election should match candidates with a position. If Mr Hudson is running for reelection individuals should be able to run against him.

Now the Ear is attacking a person for changing her mind. Maybe she sees that to remove a person from the board she must run for the 4 year positions. Also is asking for the document to explain why names for one isn’t ok for another position. Also the Ear describes questioning what appears to be a strange rule as being, “very upset”; then I guess I get upset all the time. I don’t understand why it does not carry over. I picked up my package to-day; so I will read and seek some answers as the Districts Republican chairperson.

Now, the Ear is trying to link husband and wife as one, are we to do the same with the Dahn’s and the Hudson’s. It isn’t an election, electing husband and wife team, it is about an individual; Mr Chambers isn’t running.

I will respond to the other falsehood from the Ear’s last posting. but wanted to get started.  It will take a while to debunk all the funk. I have contracted some to conduct an interview so let’s see who will agree.


Folks let’s get the letter ready, the election period will start in just a few days. Maybe I can get all the names of those preparing to run so you can contract them to see if they need more signatures. But ensure you are registered, check the website or contact me.



Integrity in Leadership