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What is an IP Address?

In general terms, IP (Internet Protocol) address is the set of numbers that enables a computer/devices to connect to each other using the internet. This number allows the location of literally billions of digital device to locate each other. It is like a mailing address for each of our computer.

An IP address consists of four numbers, each of which contains one to three digits, with a single dot (.) separating each number or set of digits. Each of the four numbers can range from 0 to 255. Here’s an example of what an IP address might look like: Without this numeric protocol, sending and receiving data over the World Wide Web would be impossible.

IP addresses can be either static or dynamic. Static IP addresses never change. They serve as a permanent Internet address and provide a simple and reliable way for other computers to contact your’s. Static IP addresses reveal such information as the continent, country, region, and city in which a computer is located; the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that services that particular computer; and such technical information as the precise latitude and longitude of the country, as well as the locale, of the computer.

Many websites provide IP address look-up services to their visitors, free of charge. If you’re curious about your own IP address, you can locate these websites by performing a Google search.  Here is a lookup service:

Most times you send an email or log on to a website your IP address can be seen. A number of providers allow you to set up you income mail; so you can see the incoming IP address of the sender.

On a provider like Elpasotel, there is a very very very slim chance that there are two TP addresses alike. If is happens there will be conflicts between the two machines.  In fact there is 1 chance in 12 billion that there are two like addresses in the world. The internet runs a continual check to prevent dups, so two computer are not confused.

Here is my example: If you send me a comment on my blog by using the comment button it shows me your email address and your IP address.   Then you send me a email to my email address using a different email sender name, I can ask my program to ID the sender, showing the IP address. So if the two different types of transaction were transmitted from the same computer, the IP address would be the same. This is the way security personnel track stuff back to the address it was sent from. WARNING: It is illegal, but there is software that will track the IP address right to the house.

So hope this provides the requested info.



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Happy 4th Independence Day

This Independence Day, we should recognize the reason for celebration, our freedoms and those that secured it then and now.  It is a special day but just one of the 365 days that we all should say thanks to those that make us free.  We thank you for your service to our wonderful and free country. We honor you for the great courage you have shown.  We say thanks to God and our country.  Be safe!


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Did everyone read the Ranchland this past week : back page, page 16?  If you haven’t got one; but I’ll highlight it for you.  There are two groups that need a big pat on the back, the Ellicott Fire Department and the Chisman & Bookers (Fuel-B’s) families for their support of the 4th of July celebration.  We often seek to describe what true citizens are; well the Chisman & Bookers are an example.  Long time residents and business family that are always looking to assist in the Ellicott community.  Besides celebrating the nation’s birthday the community will be honoring American Heroes and Gene Chisman, Ellicott’s first Fire Chief.

–The 4th will be kicked off with Breakfast 7-11 at the Fire Station.

–Fun for the Kids with Bounce House, Balloons, Cotton Candy, Horse Shoes

–Bring a Desert; Desert Social with music provided by “Vehicle”

–The parade will line up at 4pm, with the parade starting at 5pm

–Hot Dogs and fixing served from 5-7pm

–Other events will be happening at the Community Park

–Fire works at dark

–Bring your chairs and the mailer your will be getting in the mail for prizes



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Highway, military officials launch plan to make El Paso County road safer

Transportation and military officials hope changes to a stretch of an El Paso County highway will reduce injury and fatal traffic crashes. A construction project to widen a road at a problem intersection, more frequent patrols from law enforcement, and staggered arrival times for Schriever Air…

Transportation and military officials hope changes to a stretch of an El Paso County highway will reduce injury and fatal traffic crashes.

A construction project to widen a road at a problem intersection, more frequent patrols from law enforcement, and staggered arrival times for Schriever Air Force Base personnel are part of the proposed antidote.

Two airmen were killed on a November 2013 morning on their way to the base after the vehicle they were traveling in swerved to avoid a couch, police reported. Items that fall off vehicles, intended for a landfill along the highway, become potential hazards that drivers must avoid.

CDOT traffic program engineer Sasan Delshad wrote in a memo to the PPACG board that speed changes and a lack of turn lanes at access roads and residential driveways are the major cause of the 250 crashes reported along the section between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2014.

There were five fatal crashes along the corridor over the five-year period that was studied. Two fatal crashes, which occurred in January and February 2015, were included in the report.

Adding intersection warning signs and lighting to certain intersections and improving snow plowing and sanding during the winter could help reduce crashes, according to Delshad’s memo. Also expected to help is an August road widening project at Marksheffel Road and increased law enforcement patrols.

Schriever officials also staggered the start time for its 7,700 employees between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. to reduce congestion, the memo said. PPACG board members said during the June 10 meeting that they would like to see a better process for removing items from the roadway.



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Passing of a friend

Hello Dinners; just returned from a visit to Napa, California and was informed that a wonderful friend of mine and the community has passed; Eva Akers. Eva and Jim were some of the first to welcome Nicky and me to the community. She was a strong supporter of the Republican Party and District 22. She was one of the first to stand-up and join the SOS organization. Eva will be missed and our best goes out to Jim and son. The services will be held at the Ellicott Methodist Church, on the 14th.


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Alta Vista High School Reunion

The creation of Alta Vista came about when a group of eight single room schools gather together and decided to build a high school.  The eight schools; Sunny Slope, Prairie View, Poncelo, Alta Vista, Hiberger, Lone Star, Bixler and Stem. (does anyone know where these schools are now?)  The name of the new high school was Alta Vista.

The first class was held in 1922, with John Gilchrist as the first principal.  The first individuals to graduate from Alta Vista was; Frank Burkett, Joe Burkett, Jessie Ashlock and Floyce Richardson Carter.  The school was made up of Bozicks, Vidmires, Martins, Burketts, Smiths and Browns; families from the local area.  At this time in history many families were in the potatoes farming, producing 100 bushels per acres and planting one to two hundred acres.  Then in 1914 Mr Liptrap introduced pinto beans into the local market.  Pinto beans and potatoes were then loaded onto wagon and traveled to Colorado Springs usually a three-day round trip.  As the local area began to grow so did the high school in 1951 the school board voted to build a gymnasium.  The gym was a quonset shaped building opening in Oct 26 1951.  This gymnasium was the site of the first El Paso County basketball tournament, the gym had a capacity of 500.

As the population grew up and moved on the attendance slowly decreased finally the Reorganization Committee worked at dividing District 45.  The decision was that the north end of the district would fall under Simla, the south fell under Miami and the west went too Calhan.  Wednesday, August 24, 1966 was the final day of Alta Vista High School when the building were sold.


This past Saturday the past students held a gathering and dinner.  Fun was had by all.

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Part 2; Ellicott begins to Grow

By the turn of the century the community around the Ellicott Post office began to look at the next step in improving the community, that was the education of their children. The citizens began hauling in lumber from the nearest saw mill, which was at Black Forest, for the purpose of constructing a school. The parents wanted to construct schools within walking distance from their homes but still some walked up to six miles. During this period the schools were single rooms, all grades. Among the early schools were Mt. View, Amo, Bresser and Log.
In 1900 the Plesant Valley school was opened. The school was located on the site of the District 22 school system today. Records show that the first school board was convened in 1908. At that time the District was known as No. 29. According to El Paso County Heritage, the District 29’s board members at this time were H.D Shouts, A.W Hopkinson, and George Gildart. (Do you recognize any of these family names?) In the early days of the school there was a single teacher and 18 students, making up grades 1st-8th.
In 1913, A.W Hopkinson and the Superintendent Inez Lewis began the discussion of building a high school. The community voted in 1914 to add a room to the Plesant Valley school making it one of the first High Schools in rural El Paso County. But in 1916 disaster struck destroying the school and all records. The community’s “dream school” was gone. The fire happened just before the District’s school session was to start, leaving the Ellicott Community without a school.
Limited on time the Newton Lumber Company stepped up and constructed a temporary building on the site across the road from the former school house. The building was placed on a cement floor, where a garage had also burned. After having consecutive bond programs voted down, The community separated themselves from D29 and formed District 22. As soon as possible the citizens constructed a two room school which included a basement, calling the school, Ellicott. In 1918 the students of the community entered the new District 22 Ellicott School.

ellicott schools 1917

ellicott schools1910-1911

First picture is the School in 1917.
The Second is the school in 1910-1911.

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Part One, Ellicott in 1985 and before

A store, a garage, two thriving churches, a car wrecking yard, a propane outlet, a fire station, and a large modern trailer park this is Ellicott in 1985. Twenty-five miles east of Palmer’s Statue and seventeen miles east of Peterson Field. But Before that……..
“In the early 1890’s this valley and the surrounding area were open to homesteading and in 1893 Mrs. Marjorie Fossinger’s grandfather Tom Bradley and Cora (his daughter) departed from Kansas in one of those covered wagons heading west.” We must remember that in those days a family had everything they owned with them. In the wagon or on their horse; food, furniture, chickens, cattle, kids and their Bibles, everything it would take to start their lives from the beginning in a new place; that being Ellicott. The couple of hundred miles took several weeks, not days but weeks.
As the wagon train approached America’s Mountain (PP) some began to look around and found the eastern plains as their next home. Among them was a young man George Ellicott. George and his family started the first post office in their home. In 1897 the building that the post office was in, was named Ellicott Postal. Now that Ellicott had a Post Office they began moving the mail first to Peyton. The first Postal Carrier was Mr. Alfred Hopkinson. The first horse and buggy mail delivery to Peyton was done in 1916. A full days trip, rain or shine.

My information is being taken from a great book, El Paso County Heritage, written in 1985. Many different individuals wrote regarding the different areas for each township. Mrs. Marjorie Fossinger wrote and researched the Ellicott portion. Thanks to the Akers for loaning me the book.

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Have a safe New Years

Wishing all a great 2013, click on the link.



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Merry Christmas

I wanted to send out a special Merry Christmas to those that read the Potluck and wish all a great day.  With the forecast to have a little snow on the ground be safe.  I also want to pass it on and hope all will be with family and friends.



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