Have you been watching or listening to the News? Well; not really lately it has been going on for a few years.  Remember the old saying “the squeaking wheel gets the grease”.  Well the squeak is destroying our nation and its’ history.  Pick anything, burn or destroy it, then cry on TV that it makes you feel bad and you can get it removed.  This has turned my school, the University of Texas, into a marshmallow.  Another school of higher learning, now I question that statement.  (I have and will continue to write my school and withdraw my money from them until they put the statues back up)

There are over 100 schools in the nation that bears the name “Robert E. Lee” are we going to change all of them; I bet we do. Think of the street signs that bear Southern names, Federal lands, parks, cemeteries, General’s homes and books.  Do we now clean out the libraries.  Does this remind us/you of another era?  It should ,  say Germany, Russia, Venezuela, China, Iraq and Iran.  And just where are they today?

Most of those that are tearing up stuff, demanding stuff couldn’t discuss the Civil War at any educated level. Ask them what was the cause of the civil war, why did the southern states secede from the union?  If we were too erase all the ugliness in the world’s history, would there be any history?   As the president said a few days ago, “where will this stop?”  With ME and You!

Call every elected official we have and say no. Call them every day, multiple times.  Do your research, most of those that fought for the South owned no slaves, they were fighting and died for state rights.  Most were against the federal government taxing them and directing them as to how the states would manage their selves.  They were fighting for what their fore father demanded, “freedom for the states, state’s rights.  The federal government was to protect all the states from foreign governments and the states would manage themselves.

 ” The Northern and Southern sections of the United States developed along different lines. The South remained a predominantly agrarian economy while the North became more and more industrialized. Different social cultures and political beliefs developed. All of this led to disagreements on issues such as taxes, tariffs and internal improvements as well as state’s rights versus federal rights.” The History net

Remember there were southern states that were non-slave states. They were fighting for the right to “decide” for themselves as we should be today.  Just think if every state paid for their congress person and representatives.  Their salaries, cost of living, their staffs, medical and travel.  Each state’s citizens would have to vote to approve and increases in their budget.  Would they be making 300K/year?  Term limits?

There are organizations and groups I strongly disagree with, I would march against them, write against them and talk against them; but they like me have the right to believe whatever and say whatever.  I do not have the right to prevent them from believe whatever.  I believe that you either believe all the constitution or none of it.  You can’t cut and paste what you want too.  Someone today stated that you can’t say things that hurt other feelings.  There is very little that doesn’t upset someone, would we be able to communicate to anyone.

I heard some Congresswoman saying on my way to town yesterday, that those that fought for the south should be considered “NON-AMERICAN,” further she added “the winners of wars have always destroy the statues of the defeated.” (17 Aug). I’m hunting for the quote and the person who said it, but have not found it yet.  If I remember correctly the north did destroy much of the south, burned most and stole the rest.

Next; what is next? In Chicago a “preacher”, of some type, has demanded that the city remove the statue of both Washington and Jefferson and all signs from all city property because both owned slaves.  What is different today than lets’ say six months ago?  Folks have walked by these statue for years and I guess were not bothered by them.  I guess someone or something spoke to them.  But they must also remember and so should city leaders that these statue and other items are public property and it is against the law to destroy or vandalize them.

Here is another quote from the History Net:

The states of the North, meanwhile, one by one had gradually abolished slavery. A steady flow of immigrants, especially from Ireland and Germany during the potato famine of the 1840s and 1850s, insured the North a ready pool of laborers, many of whom could be hired at low wages, diminishing the need to cling to the institution of slavery,” (what “at low wages” means indentured worker, slaves)

I guess we all can reach back and find some group of humans that have wronged our ancestry, all of us. Some have forgotten and moved on while other have to live as victims forever.   It is always so much easier to blame others for our failures than look into the mirror.

Next, I had the honor to serve on a jury for a criminal case this past week, I listened to a number of hours at individuals blaming everyone for everything except being accountable for their own actions.

Finally: do we blame all humans for crucifying our Gods son, Jesus. We could; but we were asked to FORGIVE.



Integrity in Leadership

PS, I need you assistance in getting the word out about the Ellicott Potluck Café Blog.  The blog is down to around 20 readers.  Please pass the word and lets’ get the word out.



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