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I’ll make the Time

I continue to be asked, “what do you think”, “what would you do”, “where have you been”, or “is there something that smell in the District?”.

My first statement is that three board members should resign, Gary Dahn, Michael Dahn and Bob McWilliams.   Why? because they were there during the period when the district’s funds (our funds) were either missed used or what ever the final determination will be.  Listen to the tapes during the past three year’s budget discussions.  They were there and agreed, voting for the expenditures, approving some type of budget.  All during those years the district continued to spend on STUFF.  Remember who were Dr Cullen’s supporters those years, who just smiled and agreed.  Then things changed, we really don’t know what changed.  The word “ACCOUNTABILIY” appears to be a forgotten word.  “I didn’t know”, when they should have does not mean it’s OK.  When you accept the responsibility, and they did when they ran and won, they should also stand up for the screw-ups.

Now the word is that this board and a few others in the past has over/missed spent $2,000,000 plus, that’s millions.   Many of the citizens has been raising the flags, asking what is the long term plan, the answer was always, we need it, other schools have them, we need to move into the future or finally Schreiver want it.  The District now has a lighted football field, IPods, laptops, increase in employees, soccer field, new water wells and a feed the community program.  I have been here a number of years and have heard so many time that the food/feeding programs was making money and now I understand it may be losing money these years; not making money.

Now, a new budget that over spends by over 300,000 dollars.  How can an organization pass and agree on a budget that spends more than it is forecasted to make, it does not.  The board members has a responsibility to manage our tax dollars.  They took an oath, they failed and they should take responsibility for that failure.  Past weeks Ranchland’s article seem to read that the board is “proud” of the new budget; but what did they say no to.  Isn’t it time to feel the pain.  Calhan did this past year.  What is District 22 doing, appears like they are still spending or wasting our tax dollars.  The wrong lesson is being taught hear, stop writing bad checks, live within the money we give you, that is the lesson this board should be teaching.   Until this and future boards understand that they are there to insure that our children receive a good education, preparing for the future, I will never support any bond or additional monies.   I will always say NO, until they get it right.

On the Open Superintendent position, no I don’t feel that Mr Smith should be hired.  He to was here during this period.  Start with a clean slat.  The entire District 22 is at fault, even the citizens/patents.  We should have stopped it, called the law.  It is our dollars, we should demand accountability.



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