Chef is back at Work

Well the Chef is back! It has been a strange and filled fall.  A few trips and a rebuilt shoulder and here we are just about in, 2017.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a safe and positive new year.  The nation will need our prays and support, remember give Change a Chance.

I believe a lot of you know some Ellicottors that have had some health issues they also need our prays and a hug when you see them. We all need hugs in life.

Now, to another sad issues. Have you read last week’s Ranchland?  I have a few more School board recordings to listen too; but the best word I would use is “lost”.  Mr Hill must have seen the same in his three articles, in a single paper!  “Crisis Funding”, is this a new term for District 22? The Chef hates to make this statement but he will; “I told them so”.

Let’s take a brief look at the past six month’s agendas, what stands out? Spending , spending on “make us feel good things”.  There are at least two, maybe three members whose priority seems to be only “sports”.  Then there are two that seem to drift among “things”.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand in what direction this board and Superintendent are leading our district.  This is my opinion, this district is “dancing” to two types of music; (1) the non-english speaking students, (2) Schriever Air Force Base.  I ask; what happens to the other students?

Those that have been diners at the Potluck, you will remember all the past discussions concerning “budgeting”. The district continues to dump money, our money into a sink hole.  Now the district is creating a “Rural Outreach Task Force”. First; what is the mission of this task force and program. The district seems to be moving toward a Left leaving, “let’s take care of everyone.” If one would read the mission/purpose of a school district, providing money and food to those in need isn’t there. Could this be illegal?  Just how much has the board members donated to this program, their personal dollars, how much has the Superintendent, Principals, Teachers donated? It is a wonderful idea as long as it is some one else’s money.  Assisting the less fortunate is the responsibility of individuals, churches and government programs. This group manages our tax dollars; wrong, they are spending it. I would like to know why this superintendent and school board feels that the school district should take care of the community, isn’t the mission just to educate our children?

Let me again state how this district should create/manage the district’s budget.

(first) task the Superintendent to submit a budget for district administration, district’s personnel cost (salaries and benefits) and any contracts.

(second) task each principal to develop a budget for their schools.

(third) task the sports director to submit a sport budget for each sport.

(fourth) the school board creates a non-education program/projects budget.

(fifth) task the transportation director, food director to develop budgets for their function.

(sixth) task the CFO to develop a bottom line, overall dollar amount. The draft budget should not be shared until the Board reviews the drafts of all tasked functions. During the review, the hard work is to make all organization’s draft budget met the CFO bottom line.  If not it goes back.

Each function must include, everything from paper towels to software, computers, desk, paper, pencils, anything/everything. The first yearly budget will be hard, but afterwards not so hard. If a function bust their budget during the year, the only way they can get additional funds is to get another function to move dollars or the school board reviews and votes to fund or not. This is the only way businesses fund themselves. You hold those in charge responsible and accountable for each and every dollar we the taxpayers provides to them.

Once the budget is approved the CFO creates a functional account, deposits the approved amount into that functions account. Then that manager is held accountable, with the CFO providing the board a status report, 25%, 50%, 75% and Red line status. If a manager over spends, fire them.

“Loosey-goosey spending”, “crisis funding”; why are we here? Who is watching the hen house, 12 wolves?

Integrity in Leadership



PS… Just received and read the Dec 29 Ranchland, more defining statements by the District’s board members, “the state’s exciting school funding is unfair”.  Then another extreme statement from the Board President: “Hickenlooper administration’s recent actions “creative financing”.  Let’s look back a few years, the state on Colorado has been discussing the reduction of educational funding and the need to review policies.  Let’s also point out the state has been run by Democrats.  I don’t remember a single board member out supporting a change in the states leadership.  I wonder if and who they supported.   Again Dr Cullen states, “Colorado school districts to serve “at risk” students and to serve “students of poverty” should be funded accordingly.  Again I ask, what is the role of our school districts?  Dr Cullen then points the underfunding finger at those of us, and there were many that voted no Amend 66 (66% to 33%).  It is so surprising that individuals that are in charge of an organization that is poorly managed always points to the taxpayer to bail them out.  Dr Cullen again states, “it was residents in affluent districts voted to defeat the measure.”  I will soon know just how many El Paso county residents said NO, about the same 66%, I bet.  Those that voted No maybe tired of funding poorly managed functions.

Look at the Dec 22, Ranchland article, Student Count down at Ellicott, 50% of the paragraphs talk about spending educational dollars, but we foresee a funding issue, seems to be a disconnect.  Now the board is going to up the mil level, it is time for the citizens to stand up and demand accountability.

Another question I have, the district speaks of a vocation program, I fully support a rural district having a voc program, but why is so much attention placed on the welding program? Now discussion of increasing the welding facilities.  Has anyone research the demands for welders in the Colorado area?  Just a brief look finds very few positions.  Now let’s look at auto repair, heating and cooling, construction, medical and transportation.  The papers are full of positions.  Welding is fun but I estimate 1 in 50 can find a job that can support a family.  Is anyone looking at the value?

My final statement in this posting is that we are in changing times and we must change with the times or fail. If you were asked football or another teacher, a soccer field or a science lab, sidewalks or a math teacher, computers for everyone or a up-to-date computer lab.  Folks we are going to have to make some hard decisions, members of this board has failed to and will fail to educate our children, but we will have lights on the football field for those two football games, great management.

Back in the saddle again.

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