Have you voted?  I hope so but if you haven’t there is time.  Drop off at the Ellicott School or take you ballot to town and find a voting poll.  Here is the link to locating them (  Here is our closest one:

Security Fire Dept
400 Security Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
7AM – 7PM

In a few more hours, we can remove the pins from our noses.  But we must remember it is the future of our country.  It sadden me that so many individuals seem to be so misinformed or decide based on such weak reasons.  Each time I go to town and a is a car with HC sticker on their car, I try to speak to them.  I ask them why have they decided on the Dem vote and I’m so surprised.  “it is time for a woman, she cares for us, she is for our children, she will provide us more and better”, Not a single person and I have asked 38 individuals can give me a smart reason.  Even when I ask them about all the false and failed efforts she has done, I ask them to give me anything she has done for this country.  As of today these are the best:  she has improved our health care, she wants to reduce our taxes and she understands us.  Folks please vote!

Integrity in Leadership  

Fayne McDowell

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