How can You Tell?

Tomorrow we met to decide who goes to the GOP Convention, who will run for the nations offices.  So in the last few days I have been ask “how do you decide, who to support?”  It is difficult; but it can be done.  Define what is the final conclusion you are looking for.  In my case I want strong constitutional individual to fill all and any vacant chairs in the Supreme Court.  It is so important to go into the future knowing that the highest court has the belief that the constitution is a document that must be followed as written.  I do not believe that the document is a “living document”, a document that changes based on the times.  Our forefathers wrote it for their times and ours.  It does not change, we do.   So I look at what or who can best reach my goals.  There is no one person that fill all my needs or wants; so I look for that one person that fills the most.  Can I accept some disagreements.  As long as that person doesn’t break my beliefs and core values.  Study, research and talk to others.



Integrity in Leadership

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