What book does the Ear read?

Diners; tonight is another School Board meeting, so lets see what the new board member does.  It is going to be confusing, will be person be asked for comments on each agenda item?  Will the person just provide input when asked or is she just to sit there.  I believe the face of board business will change.  I was asked a great question a few days ago.  Here is the question, If the new position does not work out as planned, is there anyone on the board with the balls to say bad move lets reverse it?  My answer is I don’t think so.  Then what was the real purpose for the new chair?  Answer; I don’t know, but I hope there was one.  Lets see just how many military parents attend the board meetings.  Don’t get me wrong I’m military, but when I was active we wanted to be apart of the community; not to be special.

Here are my responses to the Ear’s really strange post.

quote:  “It may come as a surprise to some, but the Ellicott School Board violated state law and district policy at the February 4th work session and special meeting.”

response:   Ok give the law and board policy that the board violated.  The ears definition of Action is very loose.  Would the pledge be an action?

quote:  “Apparently he did not want to discuss his apparent violation of another district policy regarding school board members telling district employees what to do. For the board president or any other board member to tell district employees what to do raises the possibility of “conflict of interest” issues.” 

response:  Here is another  of those “I can’t prove it but “APPARENTLY”.   What is apparently and to who is it apparent to?   Again please give us the reference to you charges.  Maybe the agenda should say “an others”.

quote:  “Board member Bob McWilliams made the motion to accept the agenda as published, and a vote was taken. The vote was a clear violation of the state open records act which says no actions may be taken in a work session, and a clear violation of district policy which also states no actions may be taken in a work session. A vote is taking action.”

response:  Question to the Ear as you whined later would you consider voting to adjourn; an action? Can’t have it both ways. In my brief research, I can’t find where it is against the law to vote on the meeting processes. The closest definition of action in the board context is “things that effect the community they represent.  Come on; now!   The board policy says action on an issue. Again the Ear stumbles and fails to complete his research.

quote from the Ear, “Gary Dahn did admit he had talked directly with the school bus aid and driver, but he had an excuse. He stated he was just setting the record straight about one of his “group home” kids.”

response:  I agree and posted my concerns.

another quote: “What Mr. Dahn did is the same as Jackie Chambers going to the high school administration and complaining about the field trip to Pueblo”

Mr Ear, when this happened who was on the board, Mrs Chambers, I don’t believe so. I do remember another former president complaining about a field trip. Mr Ear get a better calendar.

There were many board meetings in the past, that either went long or started early. When the Chef complained I was told “we are sorry, but shit happens”.  So I guess it still does. Besides was there anyone there?  I know that the Ear was not there.  I will ask the board to create a visitor sign-in sheet for each board meeting.  A list of attendees could come in handy if things are questioned.  I will go back and re-listen to the last board recording because there is a lot of stuff I did not hear that the Ear says was discussed.  I’m going to learn how to paste audio into my blog so folks can hear what was really said.  Have a good Thursday, Diners



Integrity in Leadership

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