If we had the Ability

Why can’t some folks just read the post.  It isn’t that hard.   Then the “other blogger” just continues to bad finger others who are trying.  Maybe a little work/cleanup around his house would relieve some of that built up tension.    Or maybe joining the Pease Corp.

Quote, “He Calls it “Prevention”.       Thumbs-down-iconThumbs-down-iconThumbs-down-iconThumbs-down-icon

Again the Ear is lying or laying but I have never; repeat NEVER said I agreed that the radar speed sign was a good idea, it WILL NOT STOP SPEEDING. The Superintendent has said it would stop speeders and be a deterrent. Some of the School board has agreed. BUT; I believe it is a waste of money and effort if the purpose is to stop those that speed through the school zone. There are some that drive that just do not care. I suggested that the district get the Sheriff to set up a radar trap or hire a deputy to set up the trap. Remember I said a $300.00 fine would stop the speeder not a sign saying your speed unless that sign is a speeding camera that will submit a legal ticket. I don’t think the Ear reads or he figures folks believe whatever. Ear, If you continue to slander me please get the slander correct, OK. NOTHING WILL STOP SPEEDERS EXCEPT GETTING INTO THEIR POCKETS.

The Ear stated that the “current Board has spent $50,000 for signs, another “rater”, it was Mr Hudson’s board that has spent many dollars on signs. I can’t remember this board spending any money on signs yet, there has been discussion but no checks written. I think it would be the Hudson board that has spent more than $50,000 on signs.

I guess we need to define education money.  Isn’t it for the education and safety of the students?

Next I strongly agree with “other blogger” if a sign would prevent an airplane from crashing then put up a sign, if a sign would prevent an asteroid from hitting the school put up a sign, if a sign would stop a tornado than put up another sign. If a sign would prevent the Ear from BS-ing then I’ll put up a sign.

Again to the Ear, conflict has to have a positive return on the individual that is responsible for the conflict. Mrs Chamber has the approval of the board to make contact with others, concerning the wells, alone with M. Dahn. Why is the Ear so concern with who aids in the solution. I’ll ask the board to waste some more time and vote on giving Mrs Chambers the OK. Will that be enough for the Ear, don’t think so.

Another quote from the Ear that I can’t understand, “get to see it the current board”

If the “it” should be “if” then, the answer is no, they want, the discussion will continue. As I said before the board is still waiting on additional answers from both the state and lawyers. Also I haven’t heard that the district has ask for bids, which will result in a cost. I guess the Ear has some inside information the citizens don’t have, was he there?

Again I guess the Ear is now turning against the passed board president it was during his time that the discussion concerning the soccer field started. It was the soccer field, the play ground, the walkway and the green zone that will require additional water on the east side of the district. All of which has Mr Hudson’s name on them. Just like expanding the football field, new facilities, lights and parking. Did you know that there are more than twice the students that have signup for soccer than football! And that more students nationwide get and can get scholarships for playing soccer than football, baseball and basketball. So if the Ear was really trying to do the best for the students the other fields were a waste and we should build a soccer field.

Another odd quote; “The “c” section deals mainly with searching for a new superintendent; such as what we will search for (such as degrees and experience). This promises to be very interesting because we all know that this board has no idea of what they need to look for.”

I listened to the board members and the superintendent already discuss this issue and voiced my concern that the board was limiting themselves and other boards by being too detailed. I believe and the Superintendent agrees that you make detail requirements in the search not in the board policy.

If we look at pass board member’s personal agendas, we would see firing a superintendent, firing a high school principal, and extending the current superintendent,  not personal. What was the pass board president’s first major action.

Folks the new board is working on a number of things. But as I have said what is the hurry. I believe that success comes from research and discussion. There are items that are important than there are those that just or nice. Policy rewrite, finance audit, and the advance studies program are being discussed and worked. But don’t take these statement as a total board supporter; there are at least two that I will work to vote out. It comes down to character and values.



Integrity in Leadership

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