9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots

Good Day

Our next meeting is this Saturday, 30 Jan, at 9:00 AM is the Colorado Springs Christian School.

Rumor is we will have coffee…..


1)     We will be  developing an official 912 PPP position and course of action on the subject of State sponsored assisted suicide as this is coming up in our state legislature next week in both House and Senate committees. This is a very emotional issue for many and if you recall the committee testimony last year it was some of the toughest to get through of the session as appeals from both sides hit hard at the morality of the state sanctioning the practice. The House version of the bill is HB16-1054 “CONCERNING END-OF-LIFE OPTIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH A101 TERMINAL ILLNESS”  and the Senate version is SB16-025. Senator Owen Hill issued a survey on the subject to get opinions and our meeting will give our members the points needed to not just answer this survey, but to talk to the community.

2)   We will also give the reader’s digest version of the important presentation given by Dwan and Char last time on everyone having a place in the restoration of our culture and the advancement of our values and principles for those who missed it.

912ers doing stuff:

1.     Our own Mark Braunlich is helping teach “David Barton’s and Rick Green’s Constitution Alive!” at CFAN and has written legislation to be carried this session of religious freedom.

2.    Our Amendment 69 – Single Payer Healthcare on our Nov ballots – team scored a big win in the effort to educate the public by having the entire El Paso County GOP Central Committee take a rare vote on a political issue and unanimously voting to oppose Amendment 69. We’ll be speaking at two events on the subject in Feb with more being scheduled. Thanks to Carolyn Martin and Jon Macomber for dropping everything and preparing for presentations to the Central Committee on very short notice.

We will see you Saturday….




Integrity in Leadership



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