Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Has the Ear bought a new mirror? It appears he has; but it must be a circus mirror.  It is also funny how a few months changes a person and that person’s views and actions.

Quote from the Ear: “I was taught that two faced individuals were not to be trusted as they were basically liars.”    thumbsdown

This statement is such a joke! How can the Ear write these type of statements; his fingers must really hurt. So now are we to believe that the Ear is calling himself “liars and not trusted”. What a landmark statement made by the most untrustworthy person in Ellicott. Maybe there was a lighting storm a few days ago and he got hit by a bolt. What is that saying about a glass house.

Quote from the Ear: “but apparently at least one new member of board forgot that the meeting was being recorded.”   anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)

Again not true, there was a lot of open discussion. This was one the best discussion I have heard in the 10 years I have been here. I agree with Dr Cullen, this is the best Math program ever. Remember most kids want it easy; but the education process isn’t to be easy. Parents must demand challenging programs. A question must be asked; do we want our students just to graduate or do we want advance students. It will be hard to have both.

Another: “What followed was a temper tantrum of statements about the abilities of some employees of the Ellicott School District.”   anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)

Again not true, the discussion was that the data provided by the CFO is missing info, the board wants more info. The pass board leadership BSed everyone. Then the discussion went to comments made by parents. Most of the board members made statements concerning concerns about where the district was going. It did show where most board members wanted efforts made.  Isn’t this board to find the best money can buy?  If there is a weak link in the chain aren’t they to remove it?

Another quote: During the almost 4 hours of recordings, you will hear your school board take 15 to 20 minutes to discuss such vitally important issues like changing the wording of policies from CASB suggested statements such as “the school district shall”; to “the Ellicott School District shall”.

Wait a minute, first the schedule was to have a working meeting; to work, does work have a time limit? Not when you have to get something done. Isn’t it strange the Ear complains about not getting anything done (his opinion) then he complains that a working meeting is taking too long. Which is it? CASB was hired to rewrite all board and district policies. The CASB policy is that they draft the policies, send it to the District for them to read and make suggestions then CASB will rewrite again send it back to the District for reading. So if the district is paying for the process why shouldn’t we write it as we want them. Do we just pay the money and get back a cookie cutter book of policies. Remember which board approved the funding of the policy book to be rewritten. The book should be rewritten but written as the District wants them, we elected these five individuals to rewrite the entire book, let them do it.

Another quote: You can hear her discussing having students attend multi-day sporting events, with hotel rooms and meals provided at tax payer expense; even if the Ellicott team is eliminated on the first day.  anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)

I also challenge you to listen to the discussion, it addresses the fact that CHSAA pays for the entire period as long as the District ask for the days. It was also discussed that the entire event is a “learning experience and a teamwork building event”.

Another quote: “when the school board members themselves describe using district education funds for “extended stays at sporting events for a select number of students”. anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)

The Board did not discussed using “district education funds”, it discussed using  CHSAA funds. If you listen to the discussion there was a lot of, “I don’t know”, “we don’t know”. We must remember that the Hudson Board voted and approved using “district education funds” to send students to a sport’s camp, an event that wasn’t an approved state camp. The bottom line is that Mrs Chambers took the time to take three other district’s trip policies and drafted a policy. She presented it to the board to review, Dr Cullen stated that it opens many other questions and he will check and get back to the board. There was NO discussion of using educational funds. I must also remind my diners that The Hudson board used educational funds for signs, lights, wall ways, trees, rocks and other things. So I ask; why is it wrong now?

Another quote, “actually going to class or getting a good education. Now what are her priorities again? “

To the Ear, wasn’t the purpose of the working meeting to discuss the new policies, policies that the Hudson Board hired to be rewritten. The aim of this board is to reverse the past board actions and goals. Everyone should listen and read between the lines as to how folks felt about the failure of the past board’s leadership.

Another BS statement: “From what has been told to the Ear, one of the 22 students wanted to stay until the end of the tournament. Apparently the coaches said no“.    anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)

To the EAR, who “apparently” told you this? I bet if the offer was made to all the students, most would have wanted to stay, that is why the district needs a policy. The Ear has used these words for years; but never stated who or where this rumor came from. It is therefore a rumor. Again the Ear continues to “Bitch” about the time the board took to review the new policies; but I again state; the reason for the working session was to review new policies; there are 100’s of pages. I guess the Ear and his readers just want to say; OK and move on.

Another quote: Also in the recording you get to hear Jackie telling everyone on the board, that it was just not fair that her daughter didn’t get placed in a higher level math class.      anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)anti-rat (2)

Again not true Mrs Chambers used her child as an example; highlighting the process in assigning students to an advance math classes. She never said her was assign wrong, she highlighted the weak process of doing it. Many of the board made statements concerning their kids.  Dr Cullen agreed, there is a process and the teacher may have failed to use it. Mrs Chambers did not say anything about firing a teacher, just the process. Folks the Ear can’t even listen.


My notes:

The most discussed issue was the hiring of future Superintendents. The board was conflicted with the “general” hiring and the issue that happened with the Cullen extension. They agree that there was no evaluation because the past board did not want too and the superintendent agreed.

Next was the discussion that the High School needs improvement or at least better highlighting. Mrs Chambers and at least two other board members stated that most of their discussions with parents are concerning the HS.  Most are from the military, could it be that the military expects more.  We do.

Finally the Ear writes about a Military parent calling Mrs Chambers to complain about the travel policy and the lack of attention toward education.  I bet that was the Ear.  The Ear continues to use the same words and phases.  I believe this board can address more than a single topic at a time.



Integrity in Leadership

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