He Cannot Get Anything Right

We are always working to improve our surroundings to include the School District.  I was trained to research, investigate and understand the cause/results.  The only times to make a quick decision is when time is a priority or the issue isn’t that important.  Another great technique is brainstorming solutions or free-wheeling.  I see that is what this new board is doing on some issues.  Like the traffic flow and speed of Ellicott Hwy.  When individuals like Mr Ear attacks others because the are thinking outside the box or not thinking the way he believe they should.  In my training that stops or destroys effort.  Why not wait until the decision makers finalize their approach/decision.  At least there is discussion happening.

Quote from the Ear: He then listed the water well discussion (nothing was voted on, and nothing was accomplished).   Do you have to vote on something to be moving forward on an issue? NO! To make a decision to do something; is moving on, even it you decide to trash it. The board did vote to send Mr Dahn and he will be attending with Mrs Chambers. Mr Ear; what policy states that if you attend a meeting, you can’t vote on that subject. Does he mean conflict of interest? On the student trip policy, the district is moving forward, the Athletic Director was tasked to draft a policy.  Come on Mr Ear, let’s do it right OK. We know that in the past the board just did whatever.

Quote from the Ear: “he writes “that is why I’m confused, the past board and so far this one spends 75% of its time discussing so many other things besides educational improvement”.      Lets’ look at what the recently extended Superintendent discusses, I also believe that the board past and present has put so much on their plates. Even the principals discuss so much besides making education the priority. The wells, highway safety and the base chair are items left over from the past board leadership. Once the stew is started someone has to finish it.

Quote from the Ear: “We believe that this new board wastes at least 75% of its time on discussions that reach no conclusion, and produce no results.”    To the Ear; the new board wants to change/improved the production/output; it will take research, discussion and action. Something the past board seem to have forgotten that their decisions has results, negative ones. We/I want decisions that have been thought-out, even if it takes a meeting or two.

Quote from the Ear: “..you clearly hear the board members talking about speed bumps and traffic lights.”  The Ear again twist every ones statements. What does speaking about highway safety have to do with the agenda? Yes; someone in the district’s administration types the agenda, the board president is responsible for it. The meeting (the school board meeting) is the responsible of the elected board members. In plain talk, the superintendent is a guest, an informational provider. Everyone has the ability to put forward agenda inputs, lets’ call them agenda suggestions; but the board president says publish. If one took the time to look at where most discussion items comes from; they would see that it is the “Superintendent’s Report”. This is the Superintendent’s input of issues he wants to address to the board.

Quote from the Ear: Just who are these “needed” individuals you were writing about on your post of December 29th? Was that another example of your learning disability?  I guess it was just a plain mistake, missed used word. I’m surprised the Ear IDed the error since he never makes a mistake. My error.  It has been corrected, bold.

Quote from the Ear: “…providing an education to the students of Ellicott costs a great deal of money. The entire post and his complaint were about the district finding ways to make the food service program self-sufficient, and apparently he objects to this.”   I object to the District recruiting individuals into a government program just to make money. That seems like a possible pushing toward fraud. It is like doctors recruiting patience’s just to bill Medicare. The district uses the food program to make money not just to fed those that need it. The statement was “we need to ensure we contract as many as possible we make money per family”. Didn’t hear anything about kids being hungry.

I still believe the Ear is crying over his spilled milk. Four years and he is still whining, will it ever stop. This board is trying to repair some of the damage that the past leadership left. Changing words, processes and the relationships are a good things; but a slow process. We will give them the time to set the mood for improvements. You can already see and hear efforts. The only person that seems to be dragging his feet is Mr McWilliams; but he has always. He has always been known as a total Dr Cullen supporter; in my opinion a blind follower. As we provide suggestions we are hopeful that some will be discussed and some will be added to the changes. At this time this board seems to be listening to the citizen’s concerns.



Integrity in Leadership


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