Amendment 69…….Another give Away

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Most of you know Amendment 69, full tax payer funded socialist healthcare, is on the 2016 Colorado ballot. You know it will destroy what is left of quality healthcare in our state, effectively double the state budget adding another $26 billion, is not an opt-out of Obamacare, but is Obamacare on steroids. Amendment 69 must be defeated and while the big policy groups we think of as “on our side” are coming on line against it to defeat it depends on you spreading the word to everyone you know and have the chance to talk to.

Attached are tools you can use in making yourself the local expert on Amendment 69 to send to everyone on your e-mails lists and to have in your hip pocket for those “elevator speeches” when speaking to people on this most critical issue.

2016 presents many challenges, but none as great to our immediate families and welfare of Colorado than crushing this attempt to gain complete control of not only our family’s health, but any hope of fiscal sanity in Colorado.

Attachment 1 is the most current flier

Attachment 2 is Dr. Gorman’s position paper from the Independence Institute

Attachment 3 is exactly what the State Legislators were given on the subject

Do not buy it when someone says to you, “there is no way this can pass.” The propaganda media blitz will be extensive and they are putting this up during a presidential election year so the turn out for those looking for more “free stuff” will be high. They couldn’t get this through the legislative process, so this back door attempt is intended to fool Colorado citizens into handing control of their family’s healthcare choices of a centralized, uncaring, and anti-liberty government entity.


Hot Topic: Amendment 69: HotTopic_ColoradoCare%20Amendment%2069%20%282%29.pdf

We must mobilize against Amendment 69. You are the front line foot soldiers in its defeat.

Visit 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots at:



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