Is the District Creating a Needy Community

I have voiced my concern and disapproval of the Districts approach to recruiting families to be linked to the “free or reduced” meal program. Recently on a TV discussion it was stated that 62% of the nation’s citizens were getting some type of government hand outs.  I can remember as I was growing up; individuals and families were ashamed to have to rely on the government.  Today our Superintendent and CFO seeks out families to sign-up for the food program.  The reason is that the District makes money as the number of families they provide food to.  At the Dec school board meeting both individuals stated that they felt that there were more families “out there” that could qualify, “and we should get them signed up, it means more money for the District”.  Both individuals should be ashamed.  This is like getting individual addicted to something.  In this case it is getting something for free.  When I asked, I was told that about 35% of the military are on the program, it is a part of the registration process.  Is this right, why is the district involved in seeking out families.  I see that individuals are losing their “pride” and the district is assisting them.  I also believe that if the program was audited the district would be in trouble.  In the past I asked how are the finance of a family checked out and what was the approval process?  The answer was; we explain the program and what it takes to qualify.  We take “whatever” they sign.  The instruction for the program states that the approving authority is responsible for excepting the application. I believe it should be the CFO, but it is not.  Now the superintendent is seeking to expand the program to having a truck deliver meals during the summer.  Just how far will the District expand the free food program.  Oh yes; the superintendent wants to create a “food pantry” at the school.  Is it the business of the district?  I think not.  Who will manage this new program, will we hire someone?  Will it become some ones extra job?  We will also increase the number of strangers going in and out of the school.   There is already a pantry in the area.


We must ask ourselves where is the district going? The district is here to educate our children, not to manage a food program.  Is making money the District’s priority.  Is turning our community into a large number of individuals “on the dole”, if it is we should be ashamed.  We should be assisting them to stand on their own two feet.  Shouldn’t we? I can’t find running a food program on the superintendent’s job description.  Just my opinion.



Integrity in Leadership

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