Finding the truth…….

Lets’ say that the Ear has all of a sudden become a Water Well expert and a relationship expert. But I will also say that I’m not, so currently there are suggestions on the board’s table, agreed to by five board members and the superintendent. So lets’ just take a deep breath and see what happens with the meeting with the State. I’m willing to wait a few weeks, since the past board’s leadership failed to solve the issue over a couple of years. Remember this is due to placing the soccer field on the east side of the District.

quote from the Ear: “One of the arguments that the potluck café blog and school board member Jackie Chambers uses when discussing the school districts water well situation is that the cost of drilling a new well is too expensive.”

quote from the Ear: So Chambers has suggested that maybe somehow, the district could get the state to allow another well to pump the water allocation from both wells. What if the State said sure, no problem. Wouldn’t that be great? So I’ll ask the Ear, wouldn’t that be great, would you say good job?

quote from the Ear: “This type of disjointed problem thinking is exactly what is wrong with certain citizens in the district. But be sure to listen to the school board meeting tape, because what was said is not what is being written in the blog. The idea on the tape is that a portion of the water rights from the 40 acre feet well would be moved to the well on the east side of the district. Not all the acre feet but only a portion. The remaining water rights would be abandoned by the school district. That is a very important distinction.” I also suggest you listen, I was there and don’t remember any discussion as to moving just a part of the rights and abandoning the rest.

quote from the Ear: “Jackie Chambers was elected to the solve problem in education, not make new problems that she is not able to fix.”   I guess the Ear has forgotten that the elected school board members were elected to manage the District for the citizens. It appears that Mrs Chambers and the other board members are approaching solutions for at least two issues and discussing another major ones. There is a meeting with the state to solve the water issue (at least provide some guidance), policy rewrites, discussion on expansion of the board and a policy for district student travel. That’s within two months.  We must remember that all these issues were on the board’s table prior to Nov 15 and nothing was done.

quote from the Ear: “Another example of poor thinking is in the example of putting speed bumps on the Ellicott State Highway near the school district.” Guess who suggested it, the Superintendent. Plus the item that was discussed was removal rubber bumps, bumper that could be placed at selected times; then removed. I have used such bumpers in support of special events, and they work, also when you place signs informing drives of the speed and the speed control bumps the District is no longer liable. Is the Ear forgetting that our Superintendent just had his contract extended. Is it nice to call all individual that voice suggestions, Stupid?

another quote from the Ear: Hey Chambers what are you going to do if the parents of Schriever decide that they will send all their 200 children to another school district because their children will get a better education and you failed to provide them what they asked for; a non-voting seat on the board to so they could state their concerns?   To the Ear, four of the board members have concerns about the Schriever initiative. I can remember when there were no Schriever students except those living in the community and the District did just fine. But “Schriever” can’t remove the students from D22 unless something really bad happens, ILLEGAL. Now the Ear sets the table for us, “he appears to be only concern for the 200 students, again what about the other 800, Ellicotters. In Colorado, parents have the right to send their children to whatever school they wish. Then again; the Ear is assuming that Schriever’s parents have an issue and feel they can’t address them. The Ear must be assuming that the school board want listen or that the military parents aren’t smart enough to figure out the process. Come on, some of the smartest are at Schriever. Can anyone tell the board what the parents at Schriever wants, maybe nothing. Again what is so important about the 200, that isn’t that important about the other 800. What I see is that the Ear, the Superintendent and maybe a few at Schriever seems to think we have two classes of students.  Teachers, principals, and superintendent visit the base all the time, at no time has any of them returned with any issues that were voiced by the base personnel.  Also when was the last time the district’s administration had a meeting with the community?  Again how many ways does a parent need to voice their concerns or problems? Schriever has hired a civilian to work with the District, I’ll check with Peterson AB, they have lots of kids going to other schools. How about Carson? This is like what the Ear and the past board leadership tried to do with the Sport’s Bond. If you don’t pass the bond, all sports at Ellicott will go away. Guess the Ear was wrong! Come on Folks this was someone weak idea to get a feather in their hat. Every child attending Ellicott should and must have the same advantages. Would this be discrimination?  If we create extra chairs then we must have one for non-english speaking, past students, those that play sports, grand-parents and retired folks.

quote from the EAR: “Is that solving any problem; or is it cutting your nose off? Oh, and transportation is not a problem for the base; and McDowell knows that.”  What does the Ear know that I don’t know.  Transportation is always a problem.  Just how many school districts send buses to the Schriever’s front gate?  If the districts don’t support with bus transportation then the parent must provide transportation, that is/maybe an issue.  Transportation is always an issue.  I guess the Ear believes that the Air Force will take every kid to whatever school they want to attend.  Wrong.


Another quote: “The potluck café would also have you believe that the “new school board is making progress”. But is that even true? What have they done to improve student learning? What have they done to improve teacher retention? What have they done to improve community awareness? Short answer is nothing.”   This is so funny, the Ear seems to think this board should do in two months what Mr Hudson’s board did in four years, is that fair? I’ll look back but in the past two months I don’t believe the Superintendent has asked or made any statements concerning educational improvement and isn’t that his job? But again the past board extended the Super’s contract for two more years. I still have questions as to how the numbers show an improved teacher retention, community awareness is being addressed with the Ranchland ; but again two months vs four years.


Folks, Lets’ give them a chance. I don’t agree with some members on the board, I believe that some of the board has had some issue with the truth. At least one member is just followers, no matter who or what he is following. Some believe that it is easier than making a stand. I also disagree with some of the board members impact on the community. I also feel that some of the board let their personal issues impact the district with I strongly disagree with. My feeling will be addresses at reelection time.

Let me voice my opinion again concerning the role of the Superintendent. I believe the Hudson Board let the superintendent’s role go way beyond the management on the education of our children. Point in fact, the tension that he caused over the discussion on the rewrite of some of the policies. The policies discussed was concerning the role of the superintendent. These policies are the board’s and District’s. Why wouldn’t the board be interested in making them align with Ellicott and D22. The rewrite was returned to the board for their review and input. The Superintendent and Mr McWilliams seemed to have a big issue with their reviewing the policies, WHY. He also asked that he be kept up on the well issues, isn’t educating our children a big enough job.



Integrity in Leadership

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