A post full of RATS

Folks; many of you have asked me, Why didn’t he……………  this should answer and confuse all.  I wonder if the Ear’s nose has grown or has it reached its’ max.  Doesn’t the Ear think that citizens don’t read my post and see just how much he tells falsehoods and slanders others.  I guess it makes him feel like a big person.  So I will correct most of the Ear’s last post.

Quote from the Ear: “Fayne McDowell, Jackie Chambers and some others in this community seem to be saying “take what we give you and shut up” to the personnel at Schriever Air Force Base.” This is to the Ear and I can only speak for myself: I never said or thought what you posted. I try my best to be mature, but you are lying. The military parents have all the rights as any other parent. What I have said they should not expect more than the other parents and why should they?  Who sends the other 800 children to the district; the citizens of Ellicott. The Ear is right, the children from the base can attend any school system their parents want them to go to, just like the other parents. Problem is transportation to those school. I asked the base, does the school where the other 400 children attend have military personnel on their boards? answer NO. There are many reasons why the base parents chose which school their children attend. Having a person on the board isn’t one of them.

Quote from the Ear: “So it would seem smart to at least hear what the base parents want for their students.”    There is a process, come to the board meetings and use their 3 minutes or join a committee. There are so many avenues for ANY parents to voice their concerns or interest. I asked the educational director, “has any parent voiced any concerns concerning the District to her”; answer: NO. Dr Cullen said that someone voiced a concern that there was not more IP classes. So has many other parents. District 22 can only provide so much. I go to the base at least 3-4 time per week, each time I’m there I try to ask at least 2 military members (1) Do you have children (2) Do they attend Ellicott or what school system do they attend (3) If they attend Ellicott how do you feel about the education they are getting & do you see any issues? The only two issues I have heard is the ride to school in bad weather and no ROTC program. These two issue has come from no more than 4 individuals.   Why can’t Schriever use the same processes that all other parents use: address the issue to the student’s teacher, then to the principal, then to the Superintendent, join the DAV committee, join the PTA, request to address the board or use their 3 minutes as a guest. That is 7 processes to bring their concerns to the board. Again the same 7 processes that all other parents have. If that isn’t enough for them; then I don’t think they will take their issue to some 0-6. The Ear and the Superintendent are trying to make the citizens believe that the 200 base children have more issues than my neighbors kids and yours. My point and Ear don’t miss quote me. All Parents should expect the same for their children and all parents should have the same expectation for addressing whatever concerns they have to the District.

To the Ear: What additional accommodations does those that live on Schriever AB deserve, that the other parents don’t? What about the military children that don’t live on base.  Are you only interested for those that live on base.  Answer please if you have the intestines. 35 years and I never thought I deserved more at any school my kids attended. And I bet if asked those that live on Schriever feel the same.

Now Ear, where do you get all the crap you post, why can’t you address issues with the truth do you not have the ability to voice your positions and address others as we adults do.

Quote from the Ear: “certainly no right to sit as a non-voting member to provide the board with their concerns.” He has finally gotten at least one sentence right.  Just why can’t they address their issues like other adults do.

Quote from the Ear: “If the parents have an issue, then the board should hear them; and hearing one base representative is better than having each of those 200 families stand up and individually tell the board that they have the same issue.” If the Ear sees this as such a drop dead issue why wasn’t it done before the new board/president replaced Mr Hudson. I don’t remember the PAST president addressing this to the things I have done list. It is surprising that Schriever has had base housing for 4 year +- and now it is the Hotest issue the board has; according to the Ear. The rumor is this is all Dr Cullen’s idea, another feather.

Quote from the Ear: “McDowell also argues that he didn’t ever have any such right when he was in the military.” Another lie, never used the word, “right”. What I said was that at no time did any board have a special chair for the base, we wanted to be a part of the community, not something special.  The goal with most bases is to become a part of the community not to require more.

Quote from the Ear: “He writes that “it was improper for the board to allow the base representative speak at a board meeting after the board asked a direct question to the base representative.” Read the policy, they asked for only one side of the issue. No place in the boards policies does it say that one will be allowed to address the board except during the “public” time. Why wasn’t I asked to address the board, I’m a citizen.

Another quote: “When asked a question by the board, the base representative responded to that question.” He was not asked a question he was asked  “do you have any comments”

Quote from the Ear: “McDowell says he does not agree, as if what he thinks is important to the wing commander or other personnel at the base. The wing commander also seemed to suggest that there are many base parents that have serious reservations about the character of this new school board.   Where does the Ear get this crap?  I’ll met with the Wg CC and the base IG and ask them.  Mr Ear, the Chef isn’t afraid except when I get shit on my shoes or forget my gun.

Quote from the Ear: “be sure to watch your back”, yes someone from the Ear may push or hit you.

Quote from the Ear: “because so far as we can tell, her only idea is to exchange a well with senior rights to over 40 acre feet of water for 8 or 10 acre feet of water allowed to be pumped at a different well.” Another lie, a five rater, the plan is to see if the state will move the 40 acre feet to the east well making that well at least 50 acre feet. There was never any discussion to trade acre feet. Only the Ear would feel that was OK.  Remember the west well is NO GOOD.

Concerning the traffic light, I feel and most would feel that if it saved a single life it would be worth it. Guess the Ear sees saving a life as a waste of time and money. It will not be the District’s money; but the county’s, kinda like Curtis and Enoch, safety.  I wonder how many of District 22’s students go through that intersection daily, what if it prevent a single bus wreck.

Quote from the Ear: “Never before has there been any issue or complaint about the way that the school district handles overnight field trips for state sports competition.    Maybe this is an issue from a Schriever parent, would it be OK then? Is this an additional accommodations that the Ear feels is needed?

Quote from the Ear; “The Ear believes that Fayne McDowell and Jackie Chambers are members in good standing with the “SOS” group.”  I can’t speak for Mrs Chambers, only for me. Yes and proud of it. I believe we all should be wanting the best for the children of Ellicott. So why not be a member in good standing in the Save our Schools group. Ear, do you have an issue with saving our schools or the fact we would not allow or invite you to join the group?



Integrity in Leadership

PS there are so many rats in the Ear’s last post, I’ll just post five here.


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