Is this Sour Grapes????

Diners, I have had my fingers crossed so long that they have gone to sleep.  But my efforts has apparently failed, my understanding is the Ellicott Ear has again posted comments.  The strange thing is; the ear is writing about things he is well acquainted with.  He writes about a new member not discussing comments made at some other meet the citizens open meeting.   What was a new board member to say?  “Hey, this is what I want to talk about remember my key words.  ” How would that have gone over?  As I listened, not a single board member mentioned a single goal.  I went back and can’t find any meeting where member took time to relist their goals.

About the food/room issue for out-of-town student trips:  Would it surprise you that the District has no policy?  They don’t, when the Athletic Director was asked (answer) I guess we address it by State trip only.  Really, now because of a board member there will be a written policy.  Now we will be able to provide for the students and protect the adults.

About the wells, as you should know; misuse of state water is a state offense.  Individuals are being fined daily for many reasons dealing with water miss use.  It is a critical issue, and from past discussions the District isn’t sure about what is going on.  The Ear is concern about a fine, wait until the district gets a water use fine.  This is an issue that there should be NO questions.  What is wrong with saying, “the district can sell its water rights, it is done every day by someone.  If you had attended the past board meeting, thanks to Mrs Chambers; within 15 minutes she had presented some answers, some suggestion and a path far ward.  This issue has been on the table for over a year, now some action.

Quote from the Ear: “not more water well discussions, if you want to drill, just make a motion and vote on it”.   Strange that board member is no longer on the Board.

There was another person that got involved, the Superintendent, who still wants to be included.  Is the water issue part of the role of the educator?  He also got excited during the discussion on policy rewrite, aren’t they the “Board’s Policies”

Quote: “Do you think that is a good use of school funds?   Wasn’t the past board members and the superintendent the ones driving the soccer field?  Yes it will cost money, grass does not grow without water.

Just how many secret meetings did the pass president have most were questionable.  Look at the budget and see how much the district spends on lawyers.  Maybe the district should limit the individuals that call make a call.

Isn’t it strange that the Ear is now complaining about the same things that the Hudson board was trying to do. Will it ever stop.

Another issue that confuses and upset me is the push by some to put a Schriever person on the board as a non-voting individual, WHY? They are already a guest at each board meeting, with no limit as far as time. A citizen get three minutes.  Remember, I’m a retired Air Force member, this sets a bad precedent. We have five ELECTED board members, look at the number of non-elected if every special interest group is seated. They are students, they are parents; just like all the other citizens. Email your board members say No to what appears to be a superintendent’s idea.  Remember we tried to get a military member to run for the board, no one did.  At all the board meetings I have not seen a Schriever parent attending.  When I asked board member if they had received a complaint from the base, the answer was NONE.  The base education person said the only issue she had heard was to increase the advance programs, isn’t that what other have asked for.  What the base should be doing is getting the members involved in the DAC and other committees.  Some one wants this just to make him look better.

Final comment, I see a number of changes coming.  A number of time I heard board member say, we need to change the way we conduct business.  From how the agenda is done to the process of bring items to the board.  Remember the Chef has stated many times the Superintendent is an employee of the District, responsible for the educational process.  The board is responsible for the District.



Integrity in Leadership

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