The Rumor Monger is still at it !!!!!

First there are so many rats in the Ear’s last post I have to order more rats        thumbsdown


First lets’ talk about what happened last night.  A dishonest phase of the district is one step closer to being over and a new phase began last night.  Yes; there are three past members on this new phase of District 22, role playing for positions but that is normal when forming a new TEAM!  We have others to address.

Comment:  Thanks to Cowgirl for the words and the quotes from “the other blogger”.  She was right; it did not take him long to turn on others.  And NO, we don’t know why he did not run, but we can only guess; maybe a little tension within the team?  There were some strange statements and words used by the District administration.

Recall:  Now look who is talking about recalls!   But as we know there has to be “cause” and causes that can be proven.  So what is the cause?  And who does he want to recall, notice again no names.  Maybe the Ear needs to stay out of those little rooms, where those little voices are.

Attack on Mrs Chambers:  Again the Ear attacks Mrs Chambers, without the slightest proof,  just someone said.  A call to the honest folks, did anyone talk to the Ear about the sports field trip?  if so lets’ talk.  To stop this story, the chef will try to interview some of the team/parents.  But maybe it will turnout like some of the girl’s team; not getting patches.

Schriever a place at the table:  Why does Dr Cullen feel that Schriever should have a non-voting chair at the table, why?  After spending 35 years in the military, I understand.  Schriever already has a “special” position within the district, a “guest”.  Ever meeting a representative from the base has an OPEN floor for as long as they need to discuss whatever they want to discuss; but the rest of the citizenship has three minutes.  Do we need special chairs for all groups?  NO.  Military families are and should be the same as anyone else.  Families within this communities and I feel if approached they would say the same, the same as all others.  Do not support Dr Cullen on this effort.

New Board Positions:  Here is what position the new board was elected too:

President – Gary Dahn

Vice President – Jackie Chambers

Secretary – Bob McWilliams

Treasurer – Jodi Wilson

Director – Michael Dahn

Best of luck to them all.

Role of a Superintendent:  I was asked the following:  “What is the “normal” role of a Superintendent when dealing with the District School Board?”  My opinion:  I have been a part of many school systems; 2-overseas, 5-conus (these with my kids), While here in Colorado Springs-6.  I believe that ever board has a different role/relationship with their Superintendent.  Most relationships are that of an information provider.  Somewhat like a guest.  But we must remember we only have 3 schools, what I do think is strange is the fact that every school provides an update.  Most boards conduct business, old and new.  If the board developed a true itemized budget, then gave it to the Superintendent and said “execute”, it would reduce the “stuff.”  We should run the district like raising children, give them an allowance, say live within it.  Say, “We will only address emergencies.”  I’m amazed that in nearly every board meeting the administration or a board member is asking for more money for something.    Could your house budget run that way?

Buying out Dr Cullen’s Contract:  Wasn’t the very first thing some members of the past board did was buy out another Superintendent’s contract?  Now this one is 4 or 5 times more; but who did that.  It is why the fact that the past board rammed through an extension, concerned me.  Again what was the hurry.

Using one’s children: I have been threatened with false criminal charges, law suits and physical encounters by some and now the Ear freely attacks children.  Calling them names and labeling them.  Isn’t this bullying?  Wonder what our sheriff would say.  Is this an action of an adult?  Lets’ look at the credit card sheet and see where the team did eat.  I wonder if we prove the Ear wrong; will he say he was wrong?

Snakes:  Again where are the names, most can figure out why and who the Ear is addressing; but again WHO.  Again the act of a coward, like hiding in the ditch, threatening individuals and pushing ladies around.  If the Ear wants folks to pay attention, tell the truth.  Isn’t the Ear yelling “fire”?  The snake house, really and we wondered why the board was like it was.  We also wondered why the Ear could not get alone with others, maybe it is time for a big time-out.



Integrity in Leadership


PS// Cowgirl you are right, “spilled milk”, it is a shame.

  1. #1 by chuck howarth on November 22, 2015 - 6:30 pm

    The Ernest Hudson supported Ear has no clue what He is talking about . At the state basketball tournament last March in Pueblo, the state a.k.a. (chsaa) payed for the girls and coaches meals. Not the Ellicott School District. The Ear either a member of the school board or extremely close to someone on the school board would know this a flat out lie. As far as a plan to buyout the Superintendents contract, why did Ernest Hudson and His two board members in His pocket last year have a illegal meeting five minutes before they extended the Superintendents contract ? Why is it Ernest Hudson and the same two board members just days before the school board election in November, give the Superintendent another two year contract pushing His contract out to July 1, 2018 ? Just two months into the 2015-2016 school year with no evaluation. Ernest Hudson made sure for the next two years our new school board would have no voice, or vote on the Superintendents contract. The most important matter to be voted on in Ellicott School District. My question for the Ellicott Community is what was in it for Ernest Hudson to spearhead and make a $250,000.00 mistake like this ?

  2. #2 by Fayne on November 23, 2015 - 10:14 am

    Thanks Mr Howarth for your comments:
    It does concern me that the district now has a Superintendent, that is untouchable until 2018. I need to review the signed contract to see if there is a “for cause” statement. I’ in the process of reviewing the credit card account and district’s policies. I repeat my concerns of this administrations ignoring questions asked by the community. Question I have asked to the Middle school, high school, and the CFO. I will ask new members of the board to officially ask the questions.
    Integrity in Leadership

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