What do you want in Your Elected Official?

If you had to make a list of what you wanted in an elected official; could you make a list? What would you put at the top of your list? My top is “honest“. What is a person that is not trustworthy; nothing. If you can’t trust an individual, how can you let that person lead the organization, how can you let that person manage your funds? My next word would be “integrity. What is integrity, possessing and adhering to high moral principles or standards.

Having just got back into town and read the Ranchland to see what OUR school board did in its’ past meeting. I first want to remind the diners this is the board that promised to be the most open and transparent board D22 has ever had. SO many complaints about past board members that they felt was not open to the citizens; again really. This board and its’ president has turns their back on the community and hides in the back room of the “laundry”. I asked 10 individuals if they had any idea what direction this board was driving toward. Eight (8) replied in the same way; “whatever the superintendent instructs/tells them to do”. This board Mr Hudson, Mr McWilliams and Mr Rehkopf voted to extend the current Superintendent contract for two more years. I asked one of them; why are you going to vote to extended the contract? His answer was; “what if he starts looking for another job”? Really, his right, but is it a real reason just too extend a contract! Then he said, “he has done ok”. I also asked if the board had completed or was going to conduct a recent evaluation, answer, NO; we did one not too many months ago. I posted some of their comments, poor at best. Some member did not even submit an evaluation. Has he met all the goals the board established? Guess not because I can find any measurable goals or evaluations. Now, 2015-16 has just started and I guess they are assuming that he will improve or improve the district. Did the community get a chance to read/review the contract? Is there a pay raise? What is the method of evaluating the success or failure? The three board members that voted to approve has not been truthful, I was told that the contract had to be approved at this meeting. Really! Two board members requested an amendment and the president “ignored” the request. I was also told that at least one board member felt that the new board members were not informed or smart enough to make a decision. Even the Ranchland stated that the typical contract for Ellicott, has been one year. If I was a candidate and got elected, I would make it known that I would seek legal action to terminate the action. Even; Mr M Dahn stated the board “hurried/pushed through” the action. Ask yourself, WHY. Payback or to screw the new board or to get back at some of the candidates. Also to the Dahn, if you were against the extension; why did you not vote NO. To vote, abstention, means nothing or do anything. Why not stand up for the citizens. This is what integrity really means? Standing up for what is right is what my elected official should be doing. Here are a number of things/statements that concerns me and should concern all Diners:

– “Director Floyd Rehkopf, ….admonished directors-elect to “make decisions to benefit the students”.

– “Cullen said the soccer program and T-ball program needs field upgrades.”

– “Supt. Pat Cullen advocated for a director from Schriever to serve on the district’s school board of directors”. Cullen said giving Schriever “a voice on the board would be appropriate”.

– “Supt. Cullen called for community leaders and groups to commit to opening a community center for children”.


Does this seem strange? Mr Rehkopf “admonishing” others. Tell them to make decisions to benefit the students, really; we should go back and record all his votes or comments, “for the students” votes and statements.


The statements made by Supt. Cullen seems to me like he is running for major. T-ball; is that a school district program? Can the district’s educational tax money be legally spent on non-educational programs. A community center, this is like saying the district should pay for some internet service. Ellicott isn’t even a township. Come on when district 22 becomes a leader in educating our children, then likes see what else we can place on the board’s plate. Concerning placing a Schriever assigned person on the board, why? Becoming an elected” board members is every ones right that lives/votes in the District. I spoke to some and again no interest. Currently the Wing has a voice in every meeting for as long as they wish to speak, while other citizens have three minutes or less. Remember; I’m a military retiree (Air Force); in some of my positions I dealt with communities. We, the military should not ask for or receive special treatment. Also parents of military students are just that parents of just another student. We all must remember the board is an elected office not appointed. The fact that Supt suggested it is a campaign promise. I already feel that the special services the base has offered fringes on being illegal. I have voiced my concern. The military is restricted from providing any service that can or does impact a private business, providing consulting maybe…….a step over the line. But folks, there are more at the weekly bingo night than at anything having to do with the district. It was elect a new board, then lights on the football field, then a sports bond these thing will bring out the crowds. This community is a transit one, look at those that are involvement–over 50, long timer, individuals that have been here for years. Ellicott has 4-5 businesses, and now a community center; why not a ROTC program, a 4H program, a young republican program, boy scouts, girl scouts, a rodeo club; a community center!!!!!!! Maybe we should take a trip to Peyton. What has really happened in the last four years?



Integrity in Leadership

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