Another great National Park and Forest

Just returned from our annual National Park trip. This year, an odd year, is a west of the Mississippi trip. We made Bass Lake, Ca our base camp. A small city on Hyw 41 south of Sacramento and north of Fresno. Day trips into the   Yosemite valley visiting the Yosemite National Forest and Park. Beautiful scenic vistas, waterfalls and rock formations. Then an hour or so watching climber scale the face of El Capitan. In words of some a real big rock. Then a trip into the forest to see the red woods. God’s big trees the Sequoia. The world’s biggest tree, 330 plus feet tall and 25 plus feet around, lots of fire wood. 2500-4000 years since the tiny seed sprouted to life. Bought a small tree back so lets see when it reaches 20 feet.

” Yosemite’s natural beauty can be found in things big and small, from towering granite cliffs and giant sequoia to diminutives wildflowers. Varied conditions in four geographic areas–HIGH SIERRA, GRANITE CLIFFS, SEQUOIA GROVES AND VALLEY—makes such diversity possible. Explore Yosemite’s many facets, take in its many moods and enjoy its views, sounds and smells.”     John Muir

Other parks in the area we visited was Kings Canyon and Death Valley. Close and easy a day trip from Bass Lake. If you haven’t been taking the time. Next year 2016 is east of the Mississippi and we are off to the Everglades.


El Cap IMG_2558



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