Candidate’s Night @ the District


Well the hype was just that hype. I was again disappointed in the attendance, again I don’t understand where the interest/concern is. Here is my break down of those that were there:



District employees-8

Candidate’s family members-6

Current board members-2

SOS supporters-12


there was a (est) of 40


Mr Gary Lake did a great job of leading the meeting. There were a number of questions ask of the candidates most from Metro, one from the floor and 3 from the administration. There were some great responses and some not so. There was a noticeable trend, “the best for the children” and “community involvement”. One of the final questions was, “what two things is the district doing right and what two things need to be changed/improved”. The two things that the district is doing right covered many things; but teachers was number one by every candidate. Each candidate stated that we now have the best group of teachers, teachers that care and supports the students. The second was a little difficult to define but new & newer facilities was mentioned a number of time. Each candidate had their two examples of what needs to be improved, communications being number one, then School Pride, school culture, care for the total student, support for our teachers, outreach to the community. These being to top topics with examples for most. For me there were some that stood out; but again the questions were what “if” type questions. A common answer was “I don’t know but I will learn by asking questions”. Honestly!


There was none of the type of questions the Ear had stated would be asked, just how many sprinkle heads does the district have working? The only direct how do you feel question was; “how do you feel about parents opting out of testing for their children?” Most stated they would not support opting out, but as of today it was a parent’s right.


Out of the 2.5 hours meeting the major topics/comments:

-better open communications from the board

-much more community involvement

-the board/candidates need to listen to the district’s committees and citizens

-understand and support all students and care for the total child


Some of the topic that was not discussed or mentioned; which surprised me was:


-test scores



It was a good gathering, thanks to Metro. Also my two special board members said nothing, neither did Dr Cullen.  Can I get an Amen!



Integrity in Leadership


  1. #1 by chuck howarth on October 15, 2015 - 7:33 am

    Ernest Hudson has put on the agenda tonight at the school board meeting to extend the Superintendents contract another year. This will give the Superintendent a contract out to July 1, 2017. Hudson is proposing this contract with only two months into the 2015-2016 school year. No evaluation has been done on the Superintendent this year. The Superintendents contract was extended last November, it has not been a year. This will be a premature move if Hudson is allowed to pull this off. Hudson should let the new school board coming in November vote on this matter and go away.

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