Ben Carson speaks

Fayne – I dedicated my life to helping children, and because I retired from medicine doesn’t mean that mission is over. I’m running for President so our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to think big, pursue happiness, and reach their full, God-given potential.  From the beginning, the Washington political class has said only someone with decades of “political experience” can be elected President. I believe differently. So did our Founding Fathers. And now that I am leading in the polls, the American people do as well. My campaign is built for the long haul — and I intend to win. We’ve received over 620,000 small grassroots donations from everyday, hardworking Americans, helping us to raise an astounding $21 million in the 3rd fundraising quarter. For a grassroots, outsider campaign this is an amazing feat, but we must keep moving forward. Now that we’ve begun the 4th fundraising quarter, I ask you to join us by donating $4.

I didn’t get into this race to lick the boots of billionaires. The only special interest group I’m interested in representing is “We the People.” As your President, I will secure the borders and enforce our laws. I will call our enemy by its name — radical Islam — and protect the American people. I will institute a flat tax that is simple and fair and close the special interest loopholes. I will protect religious liberty, because it’s what makes America free. Working together, I believe that our movement of “We the People” can make history and leave the Washington political class scratching their collective heads for years to come. I hope you will decide to join me right now by making a donation of just $4. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Ben Carson



Integrity in Leadership

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