Candidates beware

After reading the outrageous questions that the other blogger (OB) and (you know who) are planning on asking you I would call the Metro and the Ranchland and decline to attend. No candidate should be asked these questions, you aren’t a board member yet. The current board cannot answer them. It is a setup. I’ll be contracting the Metro tomorrow and telling them that this is a setup and will be an embarrassment to them and the community. I will email the last post of the OB to them. Candidates you can do as others, go door to door, write articles for the newspapers. Do fall for this. It will not be a fair meeting. There will be better ways to get ourselves into the community.

It will be exciting to see just who ask these questions, remember in a public meeting anyone that attends or becomes apart…….cameras ready.



Integrity in Leadership

P.S.  Candidates; the OBer seems to think that a candidate must understand everything before becoming a board member, I guess someone should post a couple of the letters or articles that current board members have in the past published.  Why hasn’t the OBer stated who he is supporting.  A candidate can listen to the recordings that is the reason why they are posted, so you don’t have to attend.  Read the package that are posted, contact me I have them all.   My suggestion is to look back at the packages, then the minutes, them listen to the recordings and you have it all.  All you will miss is the physical pushing and shoving, name calling.  Maybe the District should host a meeting with the CFO and have him explain the budget.  Maybe the citizens should tell the Superintendent that we want an open meeting and have him and his staff answer the OBer’s questions.  I’ll email him and ask for answers since the OBer seems to think they are that important.  I’ll ask that they be placed on the website or the 80K signs.  Let’s listen to the first meeting 4 years ago.  Why want the OBer just sit down and let the citizens figure it out.

It is so funny that just because a person has a business they are going to rip off the district.  Folks you don’t have to go to the petting zoo, it is a free world.  It like just because fuel bees is here they are going to force all in the district to buy their gas there.  Now Subway will rip off the entire district.  We are going to force everyone to eat a sub.  Wish I had opened the shop!  Maybe a Starbucks, or a bikini coffee shop or a gym.  I also guess Mountain Electric is ripping the district off.  The data the OBer uses is inflated or not true.  Look just who was one of the leading middle school bond drive person.  Don’t remember any of the current board on the bond team.  I do remember they supported the sport bond, which failed.  It is so good that past board members have just moved on, no comments.  Why after a decision we don’t just drift away.  good night

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