Is the Ear taking about the Current Apple Barrel?

That is what the Chef has been writing about for years, and the reason there was a recall effort.

Now the Ear is placing requirements on those that run for seats on the Board. Just when did these new requirements become a policy? Let’s look back a few years; just how many times have we seen Mr McWilliams at a board meeting or the Dahn’s; in fact there was many a night I don’t remember Mr Hudson there.

Maybe an individual just became interested or just fed up. Maybe an open mind is just what this District needs.

Now let’s say the Chef is the campaign manager of one or more of the candidates. I would spend some time with Metro, whoever they are. I would want to know what the format was to be. Also who would be in charge, who would be monitoring the process? If there is no or little positive possibility of positive outcome for my candidates; maybe we would not attend. It also would matter just what the refreshments are? Maybe it will be more important to write an article or visit the bingo hall or stand outside all the churches on Sunday. I’ll ask Mrs Chambers and Mrs Tunoa if the school board invited the candidates to the meeting.

Now all the policies are on the net, don’t remember Obama attending the president’s staff meeting before he was sworn in, or again did I miss that.


Guess what we are already clean out some of the bad apples, after the Nov elections we will start to replace the others. Want we!



Integrity in Leadership

  1. #1 by charles howarth on September 21, 2015 - 1:49 pm

    Ernest Hudson and the Ears words said many times are The S.O.S. group wants to regain control, of the school board so they can reward their friends and family. Then why is it Ernest Hudson and the Ear are supporting board candidate Eric Johnson who has a business that does business with the school district? First I call that a conflict of interest, to sit on the school board and do business with the district. We already have a policy You cannot sit on the school board and be employed by the school district. Is the superintendent in support of this? It sure looks like Ernest Hudson and the Ear support this double standard. I cannot wait until Ernest Hudson is off the school board, then maybe the lying will stop.

  2. #2 by Fayne on September 21, 2015 - 2:35 pm

    Thanks Mr Howarth

    We all have reason to replace some of the current board members this November and next board election. The effort isn’t over. But thanks again.
    Integrity in Leadership

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