Lets’ Re-address a Few Things

I need to add to a past post.

quote from the Ear: “questions and letters to the editor that Mr. McDowell said he had in his effort to discredit Mr. Hudson just went out the window.” The efforts of the Chef isn’t to discredit the board president; it was to get the truth out. The citizens desire the truth. Anyone can look back at the charges made about anyone that has or had an issue with him. Charges all kinds and subjects. It had nothing to do with discrediting him it was to show Ellicotters who was on the school board. There are others still on the board. Isn’t Mr Hudson still a board member until mid Nov? It was not to discredit Mr Hudson it was to point out inconsistencies in what has been printed and his statements. EXAMPLE, Examples, examples. Discrediting the Ear; maybe; but that has been done many times, he does it himself.


quote from the Ear: Unfortunately, we believe that Jackie Chambers is not one of them!    Just who is this we? Self serving!!!!!!! where does some of this current board fall, in the self-serving arena? Aren’t most people in some way self-serving? Today there was an ad in the RL that said the District need bus drivers; so let say a person on the board has a wife or brother that would like to be a bus driver. So does the board go without a bus driver? What if that person is an outstanding Math teacher, the district says no. Come on!!!! In our small community! Ignorant can you believe the Ear is saying this, look at some of the current board members. She does work for the state in the water area, soooooooo! Would you say a board member that crawls in the ditches with a camera; is smart.

quote: Does she have any special skills or abilities or training in education? What does Mr Hudson, McWilliams, Dahns and Rehkopf have in the education world. Yes they went to school, but no special skills, no training.

quote from the Ear: “McDowell just cannot handle questions from the citizens of Ellicott. When “Fed UP” asked a question that he posted on his blog; his response was to “identify” that person as “the Ear”; that is what he does when someone asks him a question or if someone has a different opinion. quote from FedUp: I have posted exactly one comment to the Ellicott Ear. Same as the one I posted to you:  From the chef, guess someone besides FedUp used the FedUp title, was the Ear making up comments, was that the reason it was taken down within hours?   A few days ago there was a comment that said it was from a person calling self “Fed Up”; but Fed Up states she did not post it on the other blog.  But before anyone could question the post, the Ear deleted it. I’m trying to get a copy, the post call Mr Howarth names. Am sorry to “my” Fed up”.

To Fed Up: I will take a step back and say I jumped the gun, I have a short trigger when it comes to being miss-lead. All I can ask is that you continue to highlight your interest and the things I fail to highlight. My hope is to return the Potluck Diner back to the true reason it was created, Community Information. In Now I plan on changing horses.

quote: “But that other blogger just made fun of the warning and indicated that somehow the Ear was calling someone a snake. This is typical of the way he thinks. We think an apology is in order. No one was called a snake; it was a real warning about snakes.” If anyone believes this quote, I have some beach front property in Colorado I give you a great deal on. Plus the Ear goes back into his post and makes changes but fails to highlight the changes. So who knows. I was raised in rattlesnake country, a 5 foot rattler is a BIG snake.

quote: “Electing someone to the school board is about the future, not the past.” Then why is the Ear talking about Mrs Chambers husband.

quote: “Education today is about preparing the students to work in tomorrow’s global workplace.” Is the Ear talking about some other school board? He can’t be talking about D22’s board. Except for one it has been years since they were in school. Look at their degrees and work. The only way anyone could make this statement with D22’s board in mind is be related to them. Listen to the board recordings. The global workspace is a small piece of the adult world. The Ear must have copied this from some educational post. I’ll search.

quote: “The individuals that run for the school board need to have a vision of the future. They need to have a “desire” to make certain all students are ready for the life ahead of them.” Again I will repost some of the current board’s visions and desires. Count the number of times Mr Hudson, Mr McWilliams and Mr Rehkopf made any comments about the global workspace or visions of the future adults of Ellicott. Count them.

quote: “All too often those that run for the Ellicott school board have other reasons for trying to get on the school board. They want “to get even or punish” someone for something that was done or said years ago.” Is the Ear flip flopping or reading some of my past post. There are a least two maybe three board members that are on the board for just those reasons. Within days of being elected they collected of their promises. The recall effort for Mr Hudson was in some ways just because of his get even statement and actions. Others got even because of actions perceived toward them or family members. Where has the Ear been. Remove Ebert was this group’s campaign cry

quote from the Ear:  They want to get even with some teacher or some principal; to make them “pay” for what they did or said.   Isn’t that just what Mr Hudson, Mr McWilliams and M & G Dahns did?  Superintendent, HS principal, coaches?



Integrity in Leadership

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