Justice has not been served.

In the past several weeks, two high profile cases involving the sentencing of guilty mass murderers were decided. There was one question these two separate juries had to answer after the guilty verdicts were rendered.  Should these two evil murderers pay for the lives they took with their own?  As outrageous as it seems, the answer was “No” in both cases.  The sad thing about it was that these decisions were reportedly made because a small minority of radical jurors forced their skewed morality on the rest of us. The overwhelming majority of jurors were ready to act but the final outcome was hijacked by a few.   Shamefully, due to the corrupted position of some bleeding heart activists, these evil men get to live the rest of their lives off the backs of hardworking taxpayers like you and me. James Holmes, the Aurora Theatre Shooter, murdered 12 people and wounded 70 more. Additionally, Holmes intended to murder police officers by booby-trapping his apartment.  Dexter Lewis, the Fero’s Bar Stabber, murdered 5 people before setting the place on fire in order to cover up his crime.   Both of these cases cry out for the death penalty, and I am more determined than ever to strengthen Colorado’s death penalty laws to prevent these injustices from ever happening again.               These victims no longer have lives to live, people to love, voices to be heard, or the freedom to pursue whatever their dreams once were. Additionally, their families are no longer able to share family get-togethers, holiday celebrations, birthdays, or other opportunities to make cherished memories with their fallen loved ones.  When the sentencing decision came in for both cases, the victims’ families were reportedly shocked, silenced, and emotionally broken. And they were victimized yet again, this time, by radical juror activists.               It’s no secret that the morally bankrupt Democrats in Denver have wanted to end the death penalty and rob Colorado of an essential criminal justice tool. Look no further than what radical Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper did in 2013 for convicted mass murderer Nathan Dunlap.  Governor Hickenlooper granted an “indefinite reprieve” to Dunlap just before his death sentence was about to be carried out. Nathan Dunlap murdered 4 people in cold blood, but Colorado’s radical Democrat governor valued the life of a convicted murderer over the lives of the 4 victims.  Hickenlooper and his liberal progressive buddies are salivating at the opportunity to finish what they started. They are trying to drive the debate and ask a disgraceful question that is in line with their warped mentality. As they see it, if these two clear-cut cases don’t warrant a death sentence, then does Colorado even need the death penalty anymore? However, this is not a question we should be forced to answer. This should not be about calling into question the legitimacy of capital punishment in order to score political points with other morally bankrupt liberals.  Instead, this needs to be about ensuring that ultimate justice is served when evil acts like these are committed. It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to even discuss something that is so clear-cut and dry.  Given these difficult realities, I need your help to stand up and fight back. We need to ensure that justice is served when evil men commit crimes like these.  If elected to the State House, I will introduce legislation that will reform the current law to stop bad activist jurors from hijacking justice. Considering the tremendous responsibility and cost of sentencing a criminal to death, we will need to keep the threshold for the jury vote high, but the unanimous vote standard needs to be removed to stop abuses of justice like these.  To win I need your help, hopefully by maxing out with a donation of $400 to our campaign to make certain that justice is served in Colorado.    Even a donation of $200, $100, $50, or $35 will go along way towards making certain that convicted murderers like these fully repay their debts back to society and their victims, rather than society and the victims’ families paying for them to live out their lives on our dime.   This is a tough topic, but it’s one that needs to be addressed. Are we going to be a people that stand up for justice?  An overwhelming majority still believes that the death penalty has a place in Colorado. Law abiding taxpayers agree that the death penalty needs to be reserved for people like James Holmes, Dexter Lewis, and Nathan Dunlap.  All we need are authentic conservative leaders who stand up to the radical liberal politicians, like Governor Hickenlooper, and make certain that justice is served.

For Justice, Dave

P.S. Fayne, please forward this email to your friends and family. This issue is too important not to speak out on. Please feel free to call me any time at 719-321-6363, email me, or visit my website for more information.




Integrity in Leadership










I wrote it and it is the truth, “Let the games begin”. Read the falsehoods that “someone is posting”. The real issue is that this individual has always slander any individual that stands up to him. I’m in the process of gathering past writings that I will repost, it shows the interself. It is the perfect picture of an individual that feels he must and will get his way. It is very important to him to be who thinks he is or wants to be.

quote: “Electing someone to the school board is about the future, not the past.” Then why is the Ear talking about Mrs Chambers husband.


quote: “Education today is about preparing the students to work in tomorrow’s global workplace.” Is the Ear talking about some other school board? He can’t be talking about D22’s board. Except for one it has been years since they were also in school. Look at their degrees and work appearance. The only way anyone could make this statement with D22’s board in mind is be related to them. Listen to the board recordings. The global workspace is a small piece of the adult world. The AEar must have copied this from some educational post. I’ll search.

quote: “The individuals that run for the school board need to have a vision of the future. They need to have a “desire” to make certain all students are ready for the life ahead of them.” Again I will repost some of the current board’s visions and desires. Count the number of times Mr Hudson, Mr McWilliams and Mr Rehkopf made any comments about the global workspace or visions of the future adults of Ellicott. Count them.

quote: “All too often those that run for the Ellicott school board have other reasons for trying to get on the school board. They want “to get even or punish” someone for something that was done or said years ago.” Is the Ear flip floping or reading some of my past post. There are a least two maybe three board members that are on the board for just those reasons. Within days of being elected they collected of their promises. The recall effort for Mr Hudson was in some ways just because of his get even statement and actions. Others got even because of actions perceived toward them or family members. Where has the Ear been. Remove Ebert was this group’s campaign cry


They want to get even with some teacher or some principal; to make them “pay” for what they did or said. They want to receive “special” treatment for themselves and their children. Many seem to believe that if I am on the board, then my daughter or my son will get special treatment and good grades.

Our current board elections are a good example. Apparently Mrs. Chamber’s is running “against” Mr. Hudson. So does that mean that if Mr. Hudson is for improved achievement in state test scores, Mrs. Chambers is against that. If Mr. Hudson wants better text books, does Mrs. Chamber’s must want worse text books. For Mrs. Chambers, this election seems to be about “revenge and getting even”.  What a poor reason to run Mrs. Chambers.  Your decision to run should be about improving student education and nothing else.

Running for the school board is not a game.  It is not about getting even or getting special treatment.

It is about the future of the children; the amount and level of education that they receive. That is never a game.

It is about giving the students the foundation of learning so they will be able to start adult life with certain skills and knowledge. That is never a game.

When you choose someone to sit on a school board; you want to make certain that they understand what is at stake. You want to make certain that they are trying to improve the education that the students receive; not trying to “run against” someone else or get “special” treatment for their children.

The law of the state of Colorado says that there are between 5 and 7 school board members and each member has one vote. No one has more “power” than anyone else. So if you want the other board members to agree with you or vote with you; then you need to have ideas they agree with. Apparently Mr. Hudson is very good at this because he almost always he convinces the other board members to vote the same way. If Mrs. Chambers gets elected to the board, she is only one of five members; one of five votes. We do not believe she has the skills or knowledge to know what is necessary for the future.  Apparently she believes that if she were on the school board; she and her children would be treated “special”. Is someone who expects special treatment for her children someone you want on your school board?

What are her goals for improving the curriculum? Does she even know what a curriculum is? What are her goals for health care benefits for the district’s employees? How does she think the district should coordinate 5th and 6th grade math? Does she even know that the two are different? Apparently she thinks middle school math is the same as high school math. Does she have  goals and plans for improving education in the Ellicott School District?  Does she have any special skills or abilities or knowledge that will help improve the education process or is this all about her and what she wants?  Is this someone you want on the school board?

Whenever someone says that “we need to change the election laws” it is a sure sign that they or the candidate they support is in trouble. They feel they need to change the law to give them a better chance.  Mr. McDowell writes “We will be asking the election board a few questions and requesting that they change the requirement that requires an individual to determine which position they are running for until they file their paperwork.”  Mr.  McDowell your are supposed to know what position you are running for before you run and be able to tell the citizens so they can decide if they would nominate you or not. It seems as if he is saying that Mrs. Chambers doesn’t know what she is doing.

Why do you think they feel this change is needed?  Was it because his candidate was apparently too ignorant to read the instruction package and didn’t really know what she needed to know before deciding to run. In other words, was too much ignorance and too much ego involved in a poor decision?  Apparently that is all you can expect from Mrs.  Chambers; spur of the moment decisions with little or no thought. The future of your child is at stake.  Being on the school board is about ALL the students of Ellicott, not just her two girls.   Is this someone you want on your school board?

Apparently to McDowell and the candidate he supports they are not running to improve education, but as he wrote “The voters must remember there are individuals that we want removed as our representative on the school board.” They are running for the sole reason to remove Mr. Hudson. This is what we mean when we say they have no plans to improve education.  They don’t even understand that being on the board is not about running for or against someone; it is about having ideas for the future of Ellicott students. They have no plan to improve education, no plan to increase student achievement, and no other reason to run except to “help their friends and family”. To them it’s not about the children and their education; but it is all about “them” and what they can get for “themselves”.

Is that someone you want on your school board?


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