Can’t Stand Poor Examples

First Cowgirl is not Mrs Chambers, Mrs Chambers, sorry to say does not read the Potluck. The individuals that calls herself Cowgirl lives in the city. She was hired to scan the internet for lies, predict rain and collect funny jokes.

Majority of the citizens of Ellicott did not vote in the election 4 years ago. Mr Hudson did receive more votes than anyone else, that is right.

A bunch of mistakes, I can remember only one mistake. The Cowgirl had nothing to do with the recall, she was hired later. Was voted as president because no one else wanted the position. As I look at the list I can remember only one person that has ever run for the school board; so how can one say never won

quote: Another point adding to McDowell’s problems is that Mr. Hudson did managed to improve the district working conditions, Just how did he do that what is the measurement?

—the financial situation of the district. Really he complained that the board before him saved too much money, just how did he do that?

—fix the messed up “hire your friends” hiring situation at the district. Only because there was never a “hire your friend” issue and he has no friends or none that teaches.

—improve student test scores and student achievement in the four years. Again what did he do, take a test, teach a class, pay the students, just what did he do?

–What has McDowell and Cowgirl done; well the answer to that is NOTHING. Pointed out the failures and the misleading statements. Just what I said we would do, point out the misleading statements, the physical assaults, slanderous statements and failure in leadership.


We inform you decide is our motto. News 24 hours a day.



Integrity in Leadership


PS did anyone get any doves today, 9 here need about 10 more for the diner.


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