Can’t count on some

Folks here are the list of the 2015 candidates for the School Board:


one 2-year position:   Kyle Pierotte              Bob McWilliams


two 4-year position:    Jackie Chambers        Eric Johnson        Sabrina Tunoa              Jodi Wilson



I posted a response to Fed Up last night; then I got another email that said that for some reason Fed Up’s comments had been removed. But lucky for us Cowgirl had a copy and sent it to me. Here is what Fed Up posted; quote: “I read Chuck Howarth’s comments on the other blog. My God, the man is a moron; those two people he is attacking are not even running. What’s the matter Mr. Howarth, your feeling still hurt because the Dahn’s couldn’t get you on the board? You definitely are not qualified. You are way to childish.”

I believe that the Ear and Fed Up maybe one and the same. But it does not matter, I felt that the person that goes by Fed Up was an honest and caring person, but now the Chef will be handled it in a much different manner.

Based on the list provided by the District today neither Mr Hudson or Mr Rehkopf are running for re-election. So those of us that care will have to review the purpose and abilities of those running. I will try to interview each of the candidates and provide data, there are some good folks in this list.



Integrity in Leadership

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