Good Day,

Our next meeting is this Saturday, 29 Aug, in the Colorado Springs Christian School, at 9 AM. Address is 4855 Mallow Rd.

Note: Our prayers go out to the family of Jessica Haverkate, a true Colorado Patriot, who lost her battle with cancer. While there are those from 912 attending her Memorial Service on the 29th, we will pray for her family and for more of God’s men and women of courage to take her place on the wall.

Upcoming Events:

·        912 Appleseed “shoot” 3 and 4 October. It’s a family get together even if you don’t want to put rounds down range. Our good friends at Appleseed share their expertise in rifle marksmanship and those amazing stories of our true American history.

·        40 Days of Life: In September, 912 PPP will support this effort.

·        October 912 PPP Alumni Party????


1.     Prayers for America, our leaders, and all who need them.

2.     Dwan Rager’s trip report on her mission trip to Zimbabwe.

3.     What place is there for God in today’s politics?

Last week on a FOX program “Red Eye”, the panel of younger men were discussing what the GOP must do to increase their chances of not just winning, but bringing in greater numbers of younger people. Their conclusion being the Party must stop promoting candidates who use God and the Bible as a guide in how they approach public policy.

We know the Democrat Party long ago abandoned supporting candidates and officials who look for guidance in the fundamentals of our Judeo-Christian values as they even booed God when it was announced references would remain in the Party Platform in 2012. The panel from “RED EYE” sees it as a must. The failure of immediate action by a GOP leadership Congress to defund Planned Parenthood even as the butchery is exposed for all the see indicates the National leadership is willing to abandon fundamental values. In an El Paso County Executive committee last year a Precinct Leader declared the same saying, the GOP has to give up “this God thing”, meaning traditional senses of morality in order to attract voters.

Are the many of us in the minority on this issue? What proof is there we are not?

Has the lie separation of “Church and State” and the societal shifts turned the tide from a government of our Founding to a purely secular enforcement of sets of rules and regulations?

Is there a place for openly expressed and followed God driven values in government? If so, how is it expressed by candidates and Party officials of any political Party? If not, then where are we?

How are those principles best advanced?

See you soon.



Integrity in Leadership

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