Beliefs, we should all have some, guess some don’t

quote: “Isn’t that almost the exact thing that the ISIS group says about the Christians? Except they don’t vote them out, they shoot them.”

In my definition there is a big difference, is the Ear now saying voting is wrong? Remember those that gave their lives and limbs to give the Ear the right to vote. It is like voting out Mr Hudson, if you don’t agree with him you campaign and vote him our just like we are doing.

quote: “If you went to the middle east, they would not care which party you belonged to McDowell, they would just shoot you or cut off your head because you were an American.” Are you threatening me? I take it that way! But: I’m not in the Middle East, but when I was there they didn’t.

quote: “When did your beliefs in religion become a test to which party you can belong too or support?” I guess you haven’t been reading and listening to the news. Redefining marriage, taking down crosses, plan parenthood, abortion; so I can guess which party the Ear is a member of. I’ll check the voter registration data.

quote: “When did the party you support become a test of your religious beliefs?”   It is based on that party’s platform, what they stand for or against.

quote: “When did getting elected to a public office become a religious war between the different beliefs?”  Again it is called beliefs, voters should be electing individual that have the same beliefs as you do.  Why would you vote for some one that’s values aren’t yours.

quote: “Do you really think that Democrats cannot believe in God?”   It is hard to believe that most Democrats believe in the same God I do, one example, just how many incidence children are aborted each year, my God says killing incidences is wrong.  That is just one difference in my beliefs and theirs. 

quote: “If you truly believe that someone who has a different opinion than you is a non-believer, then you’re more dangerous than the Democrats!” There is no truth in anything the Ear writes. I did not use the words “non-believer”. But to compare anyone with or too ISIS, is sick and again when Mr Hudson stands before the citizens to defend his chair he will be asked. There is nothing wrong with arguing and debating but calling folks titles want work. I don’t support most of anything the Democratic party stand for, if anything. That is what being a person is all about, believing in things and protecting those things. To those that can’t stop laughing about the last post of the ear, this is the reason we fight for freedom.

Mr Phillips is defending his freedom to stand for his beliefs like we all should. Those that believe in the historical definition of marriage should be standing for what we believe and with Mr Phillips. I believe the last national poll was that 58% of Americans believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. We can also compare it to the sell/use of Cannabis, not all agree.

quote: “then he also agreed to sell to all the public and not choose who to serve and who not to serve. He choose to serve all the public.” Now just where is that agreement? I believe that if asked Mr Phillips would say I opened the bakery to sale goods to whom I wanted to, no shoes no shirt, no service. He is not saying I want sell a cake to a gay couple, he is saying I want make a special cake for this gay couple. The true issue is that this couple has 100’s of bakeries that would serve them but they sought Mr Phillips. They are forcing others to agree to their life style, I wonder if this couple or the ear was a tailor and I walked in ordered a suit with a confederate flag on the back. What would be the reason. He should have the right to say sorry but no.

quote: “he would loose sales and likely loose money;” Is this the correct use of loose? Need to watch, some folks will jab you for making a mistake.

quote: “Everyone has rights, even same-sex couples.” That is right, they have the rights to move on to the next bakery. They have the right to honor others values and beliefs; but they don’t they want to force other is change and back down to their values or lack of. It is just like the Ear, be like me or I’ll try to shut you up.

quote: “Here is the bottom line McDowell.  If you are In the majority, then your candidate wins.  If not, then you loose.  So far you have lost more times that you have won.”

quote:  “That means that you are in the minority more times than not.  Your views are just plain out of date and not shared by the majority of the people any more.  That is why you can’t win, your are in the minority”. In a few weeks we will see just how and who is in the majority. That is what elections are all about, the citizens speak. It is time the military and the new citizens understand who some are. What we need to do is ensure that all are ready to vote as soon as the list of candidates are released. We want a new board, members that are republicans and have the same values as we do.



Integrity in Leadership


PS quote:Belief’s just as bad as ISIS, Just as Bad as ISIS”. Is this what we want leading our children, an adult that uses hate to scare others, an individual that assaults others both physically and verbally. A person that claims to be, but isn’t. A person that seems to have no beliefs but what he puts on his jacket. Lets’ buy him another jacket that says “X board member”. REMEMBER, we will ask them what are your beliefs and what are you willing to do in support of them. There are so many questions and so little time.  Is this the reason the Ear want use his name?

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