Support Masterpiece Cakes, in town stop by



Talking to other 912 organizers on how to support Mr. Jack Phillips as he comes under attack by the State and radical appointed by Gov Hick activists, we got the following initial response from someone close to Mr. Phillips. “For the immediate future, people should pray for Jack and support his business (use Masterpiece for cakes, brownies, cookies, etc.). Definitely continue to pray for this journey, and the ultimate outcome!”.

The attack on Masterpiece Cake; property rights, 1st Amendment protections, and God is an attack on all free people. We are continuing to look for ways to support everyone willing to take the principled stand that Jack Phillips is taking as they are standing up for us.

Thanks to Mark Braulich for contacting the Masterpiece Cake team and obtaining their response.

Visit 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots at:


PS Jack has made a personal choice stance based on his beliefs, we all should.  But here is an individual that is willing to put his livelihood,  his business on the line because of his beliefs.  We become targets as soon as we make a stand about anything but about religion it is quick.  It is like vultures looking for a cross.  Call the bakery, stop by, buy a cookies and  God Bless those that make a stand.   It is a war; for yours and my 1st Amendment rights, to make a choice.

Mission Trace Shopping Center
3355 South Wadsworth H-117
Lakewood, CO 80227




Integrity in Leadership

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