Stand up for the unborn


Can you lend a hand?  No, our campaign isn’t asking for money this time. You’re receiving this message because there are other things more important than winning an election. Here in Colorado Planned Parenthood, CU, and CSU are violating the rights of the unborn and the Colorado Constitution. Your taxpayer dollars are being used in the commercial trade of aborted baby organs and body parts.  The email below was sent out two weeks ago and it details what exactly is happening in Colorado and how you can help. You’ll see in the email that Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado is calling for Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman to investigate this situation and prosecute to the full extent of the law. If you haven’t had the opportunity, please read the email below, sign their petition, and join us in calling for Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman to stop this injustice. For Liberty, Dave ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Stand Up For the Unborn in Colorado! Date: 2015-07-30 12:25 From: Nick McIntyre <> To: We Need YOU

Stand up for the unborn and our State Constitution

Christian voter, Have you heard what’s going on right here in Colorado? Two weeks ago, US Congressman Doug Lamborn revealed that Colorado State University, which is funded by our tax dollars, has been engaging in the purchase and use of the body parts of aborted children, a clear violation of our Colorado Constitution and federal law. Now this week, more undercover video came out showing Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains reportedly engaging in commercial trade of dead baby body parts with CU and CSU which is another clear violation of state AND federal law. This egregious and disgusting practice is happening on your dime, using our taxes, and it must be stopped. Do you know what our state constitution says about abortion in Colorado? Art. 5 Sec. 50 states: “No public funds shall be used by the State of Colorado, its agencies or political subdivisions to pay or otherwise reimburse, either directly or indirectly, any person, agency or facility for the performance of any induced abortion…” Clearly, the buying and selling of baby body parts is a direct violation of this voter passed Amendment. But, using OUR dollars to facilitate the sale and use of an aborted child is, at the very least, indirect state funding of abortion, and ILLEGAL according to our constitution. But unless you act quickly today, this could all be swept under the rug. The Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado members and supporters are taking the lead for immediate pro-life action by mobilizing all Coloradans to call our Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman, and demand she launch an immediate full scale investigation into CU, CSU and Planned Parenthood regarding the illegal sale, purchase and use of aborted baby body parts. See the demand letter I sent AG Coffman and US Attorney John Walsh below. The longer she waits to investigate the more likely these heinous actions will be covered up and evidence destroyed by the scoundrels who committed these heinous acts in the first place. So please help right away, we need YOU and your friends and family to call Attorney General Coffman’s office TODAY and demand that she investigate and fully prosecute all illegal activity. Here is AG Coffman’s contact information: Work Phone: 720-508-6000 Email:


Please, call AND email Cynthia Coffman right now so that justice can be served.  And then forward this email to all your friends and family in Colorado and ask / beg them to do the same.

No longer can we allow these people to force us to pay for their deadly actions. Will you help us stop this terrible practice in Colorado? In addition to calling and emailing our AG, consider chipping in 5 or 10 bucks here so that Faith & Freedom of CO can continue to mobilize citizens and see that all involved in this heinous scandal are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Your help is essential in this cause for justice for the unborn and we the taxpayers. Without you, we cannot hold our elected officials accountable and justice likely won’t be served for thousands of unborn children that are killed each year. Please get on the phone right now and call the Attorney General and demand an investigation and full prosecution if necessary; we MUST stand together in action! Nick McIntyre Executive Director Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado


Copyright © 2015 Dave Williams for Colorado, All rights reserved. You’re receiving this message because you’re a committed conservative who is vital to the protection of our liberty. Our mailing address is:

Dave Williams for Colorado

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