Are you trying to Alarm Me, when you want even use your Name; really

–It’s time to put up or shut up Mr. McDowell.  Mr Ear, or whoever you are I will not stop making comments about events or information. As long as a single person tells me, keep it up; I will. I don’t understand how you can type a single word and complain about others doing the same thing. If you are concerned about individuals posting how they feel, close the Ellicottear down. Your blog does nothing/very little but target citizens.

—-did not write the statement of work for the parking lot resurface……..Is my latest example of leadership failure

30148674-anti-rat-sign30148674-anti-rat-sign30148674-anti-rat-sign30148674-anti-rat-sign30148674-anti-rat-sign—But never does he makes any…….      a 5 rat’er nearly ever post had suggestions                                                 

—Make a goal and stick to it is his plan…….    My policy for my life

—He has no goals …….   My life is full of goals and replacing board members, with the truth is one of them

—This current school board has improved student achievement…….. The students and teacher have approved their achievement, remember the Ear states that the board does not run the day-to-day. Again a board member trying to take credit, bet he puts little gold stars on his jacket.

–They have overseen the increase in technology to give students a better likelihood of being prepared for adult life.  How have they “OVERSEEN” technology? They make policies then blow them off, they spend money and never follow-up. Just how does taking notes on an Ipad, ready for adulthood? Maybe church will better prepare them. Remember what the Pope said. Does the internet prepare them for adulthood or gaming and shopping.

–fixed the accounting transparency so that every citizen can see how every dollar is being used…..   Come on fixed, the Superintendent suggested a new software program that the CDC spoke about. The board just said: “YES”. Listen to the board meeting, they ask questions about the “transparency” every board meeting. Ask a citizen, come on only Mr Stettler understands where all the money goes. The best page is the Visa Card page.

–They have done away with the “reward your friends and family” way of hiring….. Prove it, prove that a single person was hired because they were someone friend or family; over another person or hired a less qualified person.

–They have purchased new text books, and increased the books and other things in the library. …. Isn’t that what they are to do, plus did they even read a single page of any of the books? I would have, to ensure we are teaching what the rural community believe in. I believe that all they really did was again say “yes”.

–They have added new classes like drama, public speaking, music and arts…….   Ok, but wasn’t these on the schedule years ago.

–They have improved the classes in industrial arts (even making sure college credit is available for the high school students),…….but is it really a step to the future, how many years to get a job PP is not a trade school.

–They have improved the sports programs……Last year sports programs showed more achievement than at any time in the last 20 years…… 20 years again come on.   In what way? Is this a long-term change and one that will set our students up for adulthood? Would hiring new coaches and military children attending D22 have anything to do with it, number of students.

–This year’s graduating class had the highest level of preparedness than any class in the last 5 years (according to the CDE)…….I’m calling you, show us the data, come on the proof, show us the numbers and the words that goes with it.  Also the reference where you are coming up with your information.  Come on if you can.

–This school board has improved the level of education in Ellicott……I strongly disagree, some like the 3rd and 4th grades have made strong headway, But as the school board was briefed remained the same or when backwards.

–McDowell, you have done nothing except complained, well it’s time to put up or shut up……..As stated before maybe wants we put character and integrity back on the board I want, so stop begging. The individual you lie for, his chair isn’t safe.

–So far you (gave) failed to even pick up nomination packages. Will this be the time?…….How do you know what I have or have not done, are you staking me?

–Because trying to improve the education that the students of Ellicott receive is the only reason you should be on the school board………Isn’t setting the example for our children, being a good manager of the TAXPAYER’s money, being responsive to the citizens or some of the other things. Read what the CDC says is the responsibilities of a board member.

—Last year sports programs showed more achievement than at any time in the last 20 years……And how are you measuring this? Could an increase in student population or the military moving into the district or maybe new coaches, but 20 years?

—We are not bothered by your endless complaints……Really, it appears to the Chef that they drive you crazy, the ear can’t even get my post correct. Just how many rats has the Ear gotten since the Chef started

—because until you receive enough votes to put you on the board you are nothing; and you will remain nothing……I’m a taxpayer, a citizens, a vet, a republican, a believer and a person that is proud of what I say and stand for, an individual that uses my name of what I say and write. I’m not someone who hides!

–If you get elected and fail to improve the education system at Ellicott, then the citizens of Ellicott can recall you just like they did Lake and Dickinson. ………How about Clemons and Hudson?

Run McDowell, it’s time to put up or shut up!……..Or what: more name calling., more made up stories, more threats, more pushing and shoving. Did someone ask me if elected would I stop posting, well no, because there is one that still posting or drafting. The vote is 21 vote for a single person or supp&^%________er



Integrity in Leadership


PS 114 visitors so far today, wonder if the Ear is viewing

  1. #1 by Amused citizen on August 14, 2015 - 1:30 pm

    Dear Mr. “Integrity in Leadership,”

    It is laughable to read someone rail against an educational establishment in posts that have so many misspelled words and grammatical errors that at times they border on being unreadable. If you expect people to vote for you in a school board election, how about leading by example and acting like you have an education?

  2. #2 by Fayne on August 15, 2015 - 8:56 am

    Amused Citizen, I guess you are addressing your comments to the Chef, there is no Mr. Integrity in Leadership that I know of. But thanks for your comments and the time it took you to comment. I’m not sure what you are referring to, examples are always useful. But as before: spelling has nothing to do with, Integrity and Leadership. Also you comments without the writer’s name is somewhat reduced in impact. These type comments read so much like those of the Ear.

    Keep trying and I’ll see you at the voting box

    Integrity in Leadership

  3. #3 by Fayne is a fool on August 22, 2015 - 6:21 pm

    I thought you were taken to mediation over using the C.L.E.M.O.N.S name in print? You clearly are NOT a man of your word. I find it hard to believe that the poor woman has been gone for more than a year, her blog discontinued longer than that, and you are still harassing her. Good Lord man, grow up already.

  4. #4 by Fayne on August 23, 2015 - 9:51 am

    Response to “…is a fool”
    Not completely true, taken. Just stating History and correcting. But thanks for the comment
    Integrity in Leadership

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