Isn’t it getting bad!

If you have not listened to a school board recording you must. It is so much like a high school classroom. It is lets’ see who can get the last word in. Everyone trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Someone makes a motion and others explain it. Then the president re-words the motion asking is that what you meant? Then Mr Rehkopf again repeats it, then Mr Williams ask to have it explained. You must listen. It takes twice as long to conduct an hour worth of business. The district has a “package”, put together, but it appears that no one read it before hand. Why is that.

I wish there was a camera just to see what the Wg commander’s face looked like when she listens to the entire meeting. I want to repeat that the time line for submitting you paper work is approaching. Get your signatures and submit it a day or two ahead of time, just in case. We much ensure we matchup with the seat that you will best complete for. We do not want all running for the same seat. Again get your letters to the ranchland ready and remember all is fair during campaigns. If you still have the recall signs we used before, get them out and tape over the C word, they will still work.


See you on the streets.



Integrity in Leadership

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