Getting close to a five rat’er

Lets’ go back and reread the post, I did. There was no question as to who did the surface at the Elementary School. The question was scope of work, was it done cheap? Isn’t it funny that now everyone that comments at the diner is a friend/buddy of the Chef.  Since the Ear has commented on the Potluck, is he a buddy?

quote from the Ear, “McDowell asks who will rewrite the scope of work; and the answer is the air base engineer staff have already done that. They are way ahead of you McDowell, but nice try; but you might try listening to the tapes before you lift the bottle.” …………Now this is funny and enlightening; I spent last night re-listening to the July meeting (making three pages of notes) and guess what, the Wg commander or the board never said the AF would rewrite the “asphalt project”. So it was either never agreed to or was done after the meeting. So I guess the Ear must have had inside information. We, the diner’s readers, suspected that a board member was leaking data onto the key board. I ask everyone to listen to the recording, the Wg CC, stated they would assist with the Janitor contract. So the quote is a three rat’er.                                                                       30148674-anti-rat-sign30148674-anti-rat-sign30148674-anti-rat-sign

another quote: “We believe that McDowell does know this but decided to ignore that fact.” …….If I was on the board and president; this is what I would have done:

First the president (if he knew the policy) should have requested an agenda change, stating that the agenda item 5F “approve asphalt bid” needed to be changed due to only two bids or the board needed to vote on wavering the policy that requires three bids. But the president or any other board member never mentioned the failed policy.  After 30 mins or more discussion still the only person that said anything about getting a third bid was M. Dahn and he said three would make it easier to decide. So who made the mistake of not pointing out the failure of a board policy? Thanks Ear.     So I guess the president broke the district policy and any state laws.

Second the bigger point I was making was that no one reviewed or even read the statement of work. Isn’t it the board responsibility to know what they are paying for or asking to be done, I would have read it.

The conflict of interest issue, YES, the Dahn’s stated that they MAY have a conflict; but again the Ear should listen to the recording. What was said was, “we have a family member that works for an asphalt company and IF, that company submits a bid we will have to go to the State and ask if there is a conflict of interest. There was no decision as to not voting. Again the Ear is making things up. Thanks to M Dahn he is looking a head. I also did not mention how funny all the discussion was.

Another quote: “In this situation the two bids had major differences”. The Ear failed to mention that the reason there was major differences was that NO ONE READ THE STATEMENT OF WORK. The entire board was confused and questioning the effort. Again according to the recording; Dr Cullen will rewrite the scope and walk around with the two contractors; not three or more.

another quote: “On top of that there were no written requirements just verbal ones. The open and fair requirements for the contract had not taken place.”………geewhiz, isn’t that my point    !!!!!!!!!!

another quote: “What do you think McDowell would have done?   answer: I would have never released the non-scope of work out to the public.

quote:  Do you think he would have stopped the process?  answer:  Yes, I would and I would never let it start.

quote:  He is complaining about that now.  answer: Not complaining, pointing out a failure.

quote:  Do you think he would have just awarded the contract to his “friend”?  I guess the ear needs to define a friend, I would have to ask the State if knowing a person is a conflict. If so I guess the entire board has a conflict because they all “know” the contractors.

quote: Do you think he knows how to play the “reward your friends and family” game?   Sorry I don’t play games

Another giant quote: “Citizens do you want someone on your school board who “forgets” about policy when it involves awarding contracts? Do you want someone on your school board who awards thousands of dollars to his “friends and family”? …………………………..My answer is NO; but that is why I’m trying to replace those on the board, they forgot the policy. Not a single board member “remembered” the policy, and if there was a Scope of work they would have awarded a “friend” a contract. So again thanks to the Ear.  This would be a good sign and question for the candidates!


This is fun!


Integrity in Leadership

  1. #1 by Chuck Howarth on August 8, 2015 - 9:28 am

    Sure the Ear has inside information, a member of the Ellicott School Board, or their spouse is the Ear. The Ear has been around for about 4 years printing the school boards executive session, workshop meetings, and open meeting information within an hour after the meetings. There are only two board members that have sat on the Ellicott School Board since the Ear has been around Ernest Hudson and Floyd Rehkopf. Lets stifle the Ear and His lies in November vote Ernest Hudson And Floyd Rehkopf OUT.

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