Now who is miss Leading—–It Smells like a Rat

I posted a P.S. on my last post so check it out.

First; I don’t use the district’s website; if I don’t have to (I used the horse). I try to use the federal ones if possible. For the free and reduced meal information I used USDA. It is difficult to read the charts; but I did! The information the Ear used appears to be for reduced meals; not free. 44k for a family of 4 isn’t a bad annual salary; when the poverty level is 24K.  But again I used “free meals”, see it isn’t hard to make a mistake; is it Mr Ear?



Now on to the rat smell                 138720254        skunk


What happened at the past board meeting with the asphalt repair project? Are there some strange happenings. Who created the “statement of work”? Was it an Engineer? NO   Was it the School Board? NO    Was it the Superintendent? NO      Then who was it? It was the CFO, Mr Stettler. The school board didn’t even review it. They released the statement and request bids. They took individual’s time to come out, create a bid. The district received two bids, at this board meeting they were to release the winning bid. But then all of a sudden there were questions. Really. After a number of questions the board decided to start all over and expand the project. Was there a bottom line? Was this change a result of some personal issues. My understanding is that Mr Howarth’s bid was the lowest by thousands of dollars, a local business. Could the fact that Mr Howarth has called out the Superintendent and Board President on a number of issues, that they decided to start all over?  Was the scope expanded to delay a decision? Now that the decision was to start all over and expand the scope, Dr Cullen is going to rewrite the statement of work, does Dr Cullen have an Engineer degree? When you resurface a parking lot and create a parking lot there is a lot that goes into “doing it right”. Slope, drainage, base, curbing and thickness; there was discussion that the Elem School lot is already cracking after a couple of years, was it done collect or cheap.  School starts in a few days and now we are going to tear up the limited parking areas.  Then there is fall—-winter, can it all be done before it freezes?  Why would the school district engage in this type of project while school is in session, open utility cuts, closed off areas where no vehicles will be able to use.   Maybe this project should be delayed until spring and completed during summer break with the advice of an engineering firm.  Maybe a temporary fix should only include some patching to get through the school year, with a permanent fix scheduled for summer break.   Could this be above.


I have asked the District who is the Local Educational Agency (LEA). If or when I get an answer I will again respond to the statement that the state approves all free or reduced meal apps.

Here is the regulation:



  • A public board of education or other public or private nonprofit authority legally constituted within a State for the administrative control of public or private nonprofit schools in a political subdivision of a State;
  • An administrative agency or combination of school districts or counties recognized by the State;
  • Any other public or private nonprofit institution or agency having administrative control and direction of public or private nonprofit schools or residential child care institutions; or
  • The State educational agency that, in any State or territory, serves as the sole educational agency for all public or private nonprofit schools.

o An employee of the food service management company may act as an agent for the LEA in various aspects of the application, certification, and verification processes. The company’s employee must comply with all requirements for these processes, including limited disclosure of individual eligibility information. However, the LEA is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all requirements are being met and that the information on the application remains the property of the LEA and cannot be used or possessed by the food service management company for any use other than to determine eligibility for free and reduced price meals



Integrity in Leadership

PS>>>>>>> Was the issue the award of the bid, no it was the fact that the Board released a call for bids without even looking a statement of work.  The board president placed release bid on the agenda, guess he was the one that missed the fact that there was only two bids.  The ear asked what would I have done.  I WOULD NOT HAVE ASKED THE PUBLIC ON A PROJECT WITHOUT READING THE STATEMENT OF WORK.  I WOULD NOT HAVE RELEASED A CALL FOR BIDS WITHOUT A DETAILED STATEMENT OF WORK.  I WOULD NOT HAVE PLACED IT ON THE AGENDA.  I WOULD HAVE STATED UP FRONT WE CAN DISCUSS BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY TWO BIDS.  I WOULD NOT HAVE LET THE CFO BECOME THE LEAD ON A PROJECT.



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