Here is another 4 rat’er


Quote from ?????, “There are some in the community that want to stop or cut back on the Ellicott Food Service breakfast and lunch programs.”   O’ so untrue! what “some in the community has stated many times is “enforcement/accountability” . What is the family income? How is a person confined to be qualified? Who certifies the family/income? I’ll bet anyone could request a form, fill it out, turn it in and get the card and start eating free. Also not all adults are teachers. Yes, the community does have individuals and families that need assistance; but 70+%. Income is less than $31.500 per year for a family of 4 and $41.300 for a family of 6 this is for free meals. Yes, some in this community are concerned with a “dependency program”, all should be. The joke I posted today, goes alone with my position. Full cost again I don’t thank so. The more the cafeteria supports the more they receive; a government program. 

P.S. 17026 Federal Register / Vol. 80, No. 61 / Tuesday, March 31, 2015  free meals for a family of 4–31K   free meals for a family of 6–42K.  go to Google, type in “federal free and reduced meal program”.   The Ear is using reduced meals. 


Yes, Mr Chisman and his crew does do a great job, no one has said different. Yes, the food program is making money is that what the program was to do. Remember we are paying for this program with our tax money. Individuals complain about potholes but…….

Did this board really authorize a pay increase to Mr Chisman and crew or to all employees not under contract? Remember the program is making money.

The contest Name the Ear, is doing well. The Chef have two votes, an individual with a well-known name is winning and will be announced at the met the candidate meeting. The next post we will address the skill training program, we are trying to determine the number of rats to give out. The question is, is half a lie a lie or a half a truth?

These latest post are tissue paper from the other poster, so diners look through them. It has never been said that the district isn’t doing good things, It is the some individuals that aren’t.





Integrity in Leadership.

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