Can you believe; Military Robot, really

Just keep on belittling the Military,  courts-martial coming soon

Again does this sound like a leader, a public official, someone we want managing the education of our military children and the other children of Ellicott? There are a few families in our community that seem to have issues with those that have and are serving this country in our military. These individuals fail to see how much the military contributes to this district. Children who bring experiences that most children will never have the chance to do or see. My experiences show that military families are more involved with their children than most; in and out of school. Those that plan to try to hang in for another term better develop a pro-military approach; because we are going to put their comments right back at them.

Now about goals, I’ll make this very clear, everyone, every organization that is successful, I’ll repeat successful must have and will have goals. Without goals you are like the district bouncing around. Goals have nothing to do with doing something it measures if doing it was done at the right level. Yes kids need goals, we need A’s to play football; a goal. A kid needs to play a song better than the next person so he/she can be first chair. The world is full of goals, it is call working for something. The other blogger is a joke. He is just responding to me, if I say it is raining, no it is not.   Even he has a goal, to KEEP up with the Chef. He measures reaching his goal by getting the Chef to stop. In this case he will never reach his goals.

If a child can’t read yes its’ ,someone’s error/mistake/failure. If it isn’t, what is it. It is a mixture of failures, the child, the parents, the teachers, environment and sometime physical. There is always a single cause or many causes.


How in the hell does a person that is afraid of letting citizens know who he is, know anything about the military. First there is courage, then there is honor, then there is service to others. Lying and lack of integrity is not part of the military. So Mr Ear, do not go there.

Who was at fault, me. I don’t blame anyone else. no one was really to blame, I made As and Bs. My folks required Bs and above. All sports required Bs averages in all classes. In college, it took hard work again 3.0 and above. So you see mr H if you set reachable goals and work hard, have the right support; you can and will do it.

Mr Ear, develop your response because during the upcoming campaign you will be asked to respond to this sick, degrading statement, this blog just keeps on giving;   a quote: “He must have a “learning disability”. Isn’t that the same thing as saying he must be defective?  It must be difficult for him because in his world being defective means you failed to meet the goal; you need to be rejected, disposed of or discarded.”

quote: “DO YOU WANT SOMEONE LIKE THIS GUIDING THE LEARNING OF YOUR CHILDREN?” The district already has three such individual setting on the board, that is why and the reason we will work day and night to remove and replace them.

To the Ear, remember I know who/what you ARE, and the truth will be known. The tarot cards will ID the truth and the guilty ones.

See you at the ballot box.



Integrity in Leadership

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