Comments aren’t proof, honest efforts

I guess I used the wrong words, did I not say thanks?  Thanks again to the Ear.” 

I continue to be amazed by the reaction of some folks, they make these general statements and then expect folk just to accept them.  There are some citizens that have stated that members of the district’s school boards have hired friends and family members.  No one has disagreed with the fact that family members and friends (aren’t most in a small town friends?) work for the district.  But working for the district isn’t wrong.  Some citizens are trying to make it wrong.  Some are trying to get others to believe that family members are getting hired over other more qualified applicants.  It is like me saying Mr X is a vampire and expecting Mr X or his friends not to say anything.  If a person believes that others should not question them, then they should not say anything in the first place.  In court a judge would ask for proof, not just coincidence.  I agree  with those that emailed me, that I should have responded more directly and not tried to be funny.

So here is my response:

1)  there is no district policy that prevents a board member’s family member from being hired by the district.  There has been efforts to create that type of policy but efforts have failed.  Rightly so.  In a community of a few hundred an organization cannot limit the employees pool.

2)  as stated to hire an employee in the high school the principal reviews the applicants and select and submits a name,  then to the superintendent who does the same, then the superintendent submits the candidate to the school board who agrees or disagrees.  So it would take at least 5 separate individuals to agree to hire a less qualified person.  Again; I believe, that would be difficult.

3)  those that have made that statement has failed to show that there was more than one applicant or if there was more than one more qualified applicant.

4)  the Chef has only looked into two hiring events both were part-time positions; both individuals were board members family members.  In both cases there was only that applicant.  One a substitute/aide position the other a part-time teacher position.  In these two cases the opinion was hire the individuals that applied or leave the positions unfilled.

5)  when I looked into these comments a couple of years ago there was not a single complaint made by anyone, all comments were made after the fact during recalls and elections.

6)  In most cases those that are still working for the district have done so under two separate superintendents and a number of separate board members, so they must be valued employees.

7)  the current superintendent has recommended friends and the current board has hired.  Maybe this board has no friends or family members that wants to work for the district or are qualified.

8)  I just looked,  there are 9 openings at the district.


About contracts; the same applies, the state requires bids normally 3 and the bid goes to the lowest bidder, unless there are id issues with the bid.  Local contractors have an advantage due to the distance they don’t have to drive.  The comments about the sod and the propane contracts both were found to have no issue.  The district should try to go with local businesses if all the laws are followed.  We are a community and a small one.  We reviewed the janitor’s contract, some again cried foul.  But again no formal compliant from other bidders.



Integrity in Leadership


PS not creating excuses just responding to statements without proof.  Sorry my readers want proof.  Again no excuses, just believe the comments and charges to be false as they were 4-5 years ago.

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