Thanks again to the Ear.

He will see his ranting again.  I asked the Ear again debate me and stop acting like a child.  Threatening individuals hasn’t worked and want, it could backfire.  I’ll pray for you.

Could someone give me the policy number that prevents citizens of Ellicott from working at the District or submitting bids.  It takes a principal then a superintendent then at least three board members to hire a person.  So are we saying everyone in Ellicott is in khoots. Some of the individuals referenced were part timers, there are still some openings.  These are the same issues that some of the current board members used in their campaigns, they could not prove them then or now.  Is it illegal to not hire because a family member is on the board,  might be.

I asked my mentor but he lives in Fla and could care less. Told me to do what is right, like I have always done. He laughed after reading a few of the blogs.

Well, even without announcing I have gained the support of the Ear. Isn’t it strange that he is supporting me to defeat………….. A new president is the first step.

The ear already slanders citizens so what will be the difference. Just how can a public official be sued for slander? Also remember that the board does not work for the citizens.

thanks again



Integrity in Leadership

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