The first Improvement, those facing re-Election will be gone

Announcing all your plans months before an election isn’t the way you carry out an election.  Giving the your opponent your plans months out; just give him the ability to adjust and take your plan.  Besides when an issue I disagree with; I say why I disagree, that is how I would address the issues.  Based on comments from yesterday, why not ask the individuals that are going to run for reelection to outline what they plan to do to improve the education of Ellicott’s children.  It appears that the key word is “I want to improve the student’s scores”.  Is that a plan?  Some have been on the board for 4-3-2 years and we have not improved our standing or test scores, maybe the plan has failed, whatever it was or is.  I have read and reread the article in last week’s Ranchland it is so surprising.  I have only met Susan Flores once at a board meeting and I have known Diane Garduno for a few years; I have no reason to not respect what they say, but to blame the state for lower scores causes me to smile and to say out loud “really”.  Did the testing window “shrank” for all schools in Colorado?  Yes; As a good-o-boy if the children are learning at a successful level they should be able to good well on a test whether 15 weeks or 5 weeks.  I’ll check but I believe Elbert was working with the same time period.  I send my congrads to the students at Elbert, isn’t it great to be at the top?   Again what is this board’s approach to improving the education of our children?  For a district of this size, we have and spend more money than most, I challenge the diner’s reader to listen to at least 2 board meeting’s recordings, just how much of the meeting is directed at true education of our children, very little.  But we do have a new baseball field, we do have a nice sign, we do have new parking lot lights and we will soon have a new soccer field.  Another question; has this board made a stand against state testing; no?  Put the pressure on the administration to improve the education for our children, no. I’m working on graphing the changes in the testing scores, problem is we allow this state to continue to change everything.  It is hard to catch the rat if he is changing colors.  Here is what our board members said after being informed that the scores either leveled or declined.

Mr G Dahn: remarked on the significant effect of two certified staff members on the scores.

Mr Hudson (President): encourage administers to contract with highly qualified substitute personnel….

Mr Rehkopf: the staff will be effective in meeting students “needs” and helping students to learn.

note: quotes come from Mr Hill, Ranchland.  There was no statement linked to M. Dahn and McWilliams

Another item that concerns me is this board continues to pat this administration on the back, redoing their contracts without improvements, in some cases more money.  Set a goal and enforce it.  If a CEO failed to reach the establish goal he or she would be fired.  This board is comfortable with cosmetic changes.  But I guess it is all that educational experience they have.  The number of years they have been teachers.  Here is another statement that concerns me; “teachers gauged the applications to a “special needs” student population.  What does “gauged the applications”, mean?  What does this mean?  I’m concerned with what this may mean.


How to score a lie: 1 rodent is just a little off, 2 rodent just some truth, 3 rodents very little truth, 4 rodents nothing is true, 5 rodents a big pile of horse apples.


quote: “McDowell for one has said in the past that there is too much money being spent on technology.” (4 rodents)

–not true, my position is and has been; technology dollars are being wasted.

quote: He has said in the past that there is too much money being spent on teachers and their salaries. (4 rodents)

–not true, you reward the super teachers, not a blanket pay increase for all

quote: He has said in the past that the free and reduced lunch program is a bad idea. (3 rodents)

–again not true, I said it is mismanaged by the federal government and all agencies below. It is another giveaway program that could be a corrupting effect on individuals

quote: McDowell has said he will not spend money on the sports programs. (3 rodents)

–not true, priorities: with the district standing in academic, sports should be down the ladder and parents need/should play apart. This board spends more time talking about sports and landscaping then academics.

quote: Ask McDowell about a questioned asked concerning the ELL (English Language Learner)….

–answer: design a program where student with a less than an “educational (working) level of the English language” would be placed into a separate English training program until they reach the established level/score.

quote: Ask what his answer was; and ask who described the ELL program as the “ELL that’s the Ellicott Love it or Leave it program”.

–what???? I’ll listen to the recording and review my notes but saying something like this isn’t me.


There are currently five individuals on the District School Board: these individuals are serving in a public elected position responsible to the citizens, they work for me and all the other voters of Ellicott. Has a single one asked you what or how you feel about the direction the district is going?


Ask yourself or others these questions

1) what educational experience does this current board have

2) what have they done in the area of education

3) where did they get their degrees

4) what is their military experience in the area of training

5)what steps and plans have they established to improve math, science, english, reading


Just answer these for starters!!!!! Or does it really matter?????


Here is another strange event that continues to happen (thanks to a diner that addressed the issue to me), have you noticed that each time a board member resigns Mr Hudson seems to get Mr Rehkopf back on the board.  Even tho Mr Rehkopf was on the board back when bad things happened; according to the Ear.  Why is that?  Thanks to A$%#&*^.


There was a question concerning my “staff”. My community team will work for free, concerned citizens and educators. They will work for the betterment of the students of Ellicott. There is a saying that goes something like this; five beavers can always build a better dam than one, so gather a team of beavers and start building.



Integrity in Leadership


PS to those that REALLY cares, there are a number of things I would do if I was on the board, so how can the other blogger say I have a stealth agenda. My keywords: integrity, community involvement, respect, accountability.

PSII the statements concerning recalls is full of miss statement and missing data, I’ll give that part (4 rodents)

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