Waste of time!

Diners,  do you know that a blogger can go back and edit a past post and no one will know unless you copy and save all postings; unless the blogger is honest and states a change has been made.  The Chef highlights; most time in red if he corrects a post.  If there is a mistake the Chef states that there was an error and a correction.  I addressed my mistake a number of times with the error dealing with the recordings, what more can a human do?

The Ear seems to have a major issue with the state law as to when a person must announce by, NLT 67 days prior to the election.  Isn’t 67 days enough?  Why does the Ear need more days? is it to blog lies, make up things, call their boss, accuse them of something?  Bet he has already started making a general list.  Two months are plenty of time; a community meeting can be set up today for the 1st of Sept or any other date.  So just except the reading of the LAW.

The my last post I asked anyone to name any board member that has “sneaked” into the school board.  Still no name.  If a citizen is interested in the election there will be ways to determine the best candidates.  I have drafted 4 letters to the editor at this point, so I guess individuals need to prepare.  Candidates are reviewing their platforms now, so they will be ready at the proper time.

As I have stated many times, we made a mistake during the recall, we didn’t ask the correct questions.  The mistake cost us the recall of Mr Hudson.  10 names were removed which was an entire sheet, Mr Williams’ decision was that the recall partition was 10 names short and our request for an extension was rejected.  Lesson learned!  The citizens know that a number of citizens want Mr Hudson recalled then and for those that are new or forgotten they will be reminded.  10 names short, so close!  But thanks to the Ear for continuing to remind blog readers.

We now read all and ask questions if there is any doubt, we are following the laws.

quote, ” No McDowell your entire effort was dismissed because you failed to follow the law” Not true the decision was that the recall of Mr Hudson was 10 names short, so the recall of Mr Hudson was “dismissed not allowed ” Mr Hudson’s name was removed from the recall ballot. The Ear is correct Mr Hudson’s name was removed from the recall due to our failure to follow directions.

A real funny quote from the Ear, “Do you think that somehow the Ear will stop asking questions or pointing out board members failures to focus on the children?” As Joe stated, when has the Ear ever directed any negative comments toward the President or any other board members concerning not focusing on the children. I agree there hasn’t been any I can remember.

The best example of my positions are on the recording made when I interviewed for the open position on the board, just listen to it. I don’t believe I have ever not responded to an honest question, made many statements as to what I would have done. Do current board member criticize each other or just chest bump and yell at each other. That is the reason they are taking leadership lessons. No; I will not stop the Potluck, there is no requirement to do so, the blog was started to provide information to the citizens a first amendment right. Which board policy is the Ear addressing? If a board member votes no then he or she is clearly stating he or she disagrees, right? Colonel McDowell never flies off the handle nor does the Chef. All board members have the right to voice their position and to inform the citizens.   The first thing the Chef will do is to introduce his working group and to begin asking questions as to why. About supporting the decisions of the board when the current board members are voted out there will be plenty of agreement and teamwork. There will be harmony. As for as firing someone, we will not be like some of the current board members, we have no agenda to step in and fire administration. Firing individuals was this boards priority and they were successful.  They brought in personal feelings and acted on them, not what was good for the children or the district; but personal payback.  Another way to measure how this board is respected or how much excitement they create is by counting the attendees at the board meetings a big number is 5 citizens.  If the administration and invited guest are deleted, 5 would be a record-breaking attendance.  Parents don’t care because they are not ask.


So much to do or redo!



Integrity in Leadership

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