Just following the Rules

Again the Ear mistakenly post an incorrect statement.  The Chef has posted the official sign up dead line.  All individuals have to announce by the end of Aug.  Here is my quote, “The State and County laws require candidates to announce 67 days before the election, there will be announcements before Aug 28, 2015.” ( 4-20-2015)  Mr Ear can it be any clearer?

Isn’t 67 days enough for the Ear to belittle the citizens that announce?

Quote: Here is the way the sneaking onto the school board works.” Who is the “the” again is this the wrong word? This will be the last time I point out word misuse, just letting the Ear know that everyone fails to word check. Notice I did not call the Ear “stupid”.

Here is another question for the ear, why should the individuals that are thinking about running gave you more time to attack them? You are to “linked” to Mr Hudson and based on his past history the truth means nothing.

Who are the candidates that sneaked into the school board, 67 days is the requirement. Mr Ear we are following the rules established by the state and county, so stop trying to excite the citizens. Following the rules is the way we do it. Here are three names, John Doe, Mary Doe and Mary Smith they will make the board a better organization. So I guess you need to be quite until Aug the 29th.

There has never been a stealth board member; the 67 day requirement has been on the books for year. The only stealth individual is you the ear a person that is afraid to come out of the weeds.


Folks understand it is best to be open and honest. Following the rules is the best way to win.



Integrity in Leadership

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