Gosh here we go again! Hillary speaks again

quote–“He then blames the school board for by writing” (is this correct wording)

I was asked the other day, just how many questions have you asked the Ear and the school board and then how many have they answered.

Response: I have not counted the questions; but there have been many questions, most are about sources. Where does all the information “he/she” prints come from. It appears that he/she has a direct link to one member of the school board; I wonder who that person is?????. There are material in some post that in not public knowledge. As for the board I have received one response and it was I’ll get back to you, still waiting. Even question submitted at board meeting never make it to the website.

Now to the Ear’s post.

Q1) where are you getting you information? There appears to be data that isn’t public. I copy and file all board packages, agenda, minutes and recordings in a monthly file. When I listen to the recordings I use the board package to make my notes on.  I don’t see or read the same data you get.

Q2) Hillary, just where was this “call” for Ellicott’s citizens to join these technology committees. Date of board meeting is enough to enable us to research. Again I must have missed the “call”. I will again read the information that Mr Smith provided dealing with the administration’s working group, the minutes from the working group. Believe the group was made up of middle school employees. Even in the discussions with Mr Smith concerning the IPads there was no mention of citizens being in this group. The same question applies to the HS laptops, what board meeting did Mr McPherson or the board ask for community input when the one to one program was discussed.  Most board meetings there is less than 2 citizens, how is the Call made?

Q3) what board meeting was the “call” made for citizens asked to join the High School technology working group?

Q4) what date was the “call” in the Ranchland?

Q5) what day did the $80,000 sign post the “call” for citizens to join the working group?


Now here are some of the many other questions that Mr or Mrs Hillary has failed to answer; but continues to make statements about!

Q6) what school board member hired a family member?

Q7) what Ellicott business has over charged the school district?

Q8) what person or business has been paid for during nothing by the school district?

Q9) who are these “good-ole-boys”?

Q10) who are these individuals that are in cahoots to take over the money of the district?

Q11) what board member has assaulted a Ellicott citizen during a school board meeting? Two in fact!

Q12) what school board member verbally assaulted another board member during a school board meeting, in front of the HS student?

Q13) which board member belittled and complained about the money that the past board was saving, by now takes the credit for the status the District is now in.

Q14) is the new ball field being named after a board member

Q15) what board member is taking credit for the Military expanding Schriever AFB and the student growth

Q16) what academic scores and district standing has improved

Mr Hillary, just where was this “call” for the Ellicott’s citizens to join a technology committee? I must have missed that “call”. I’ll go back and review the May recording, just to see what the discussion was. Also Mr Smith provided me will the minutes of the teacher technology group and also copies of procedures drafted by the Middle School. Again I will re-listen to the recordings and read the minutes but I believe Mr Hillary is again drifting to dream land better known as untruths. What I heard was Mr McPherson asking for money to buy laptops,very little discussion. So again I ask the citizens to listen to the recording and read the minutes. I’ll also reviewed the board package, again where was the “Call” to join the committees? Again the ear speaks with forked tongue.

Where is all this asking and information. Six months, please give me the month that the discussion started; so I can go back and listen. Let’s see if any of my questions get answered.   I attended meetings and listened to the others maybe the board was meeting in secret.  Maybe it is like the “CALL” for the citizens to review the budget. Still haven’t seen that “call”.  Yet the budget was approved.  Are maybe the “call” to review and provide comments to policies/handbooks, which aren’t posted.

“But you complain about that those individuals”, (is this wording correct?)

quote, “For your information and the information to all your readers there is a classroom system in place. The e-mail system allows students to contact the teachers directly and get answers from the teachers on a 24/7 time scale; and it allows the student to submit assignments directly as well as allowing tracking of which students did and did not submit their assignments automatically.”

Now what does this have to do with assisting the students in improving their test scores, getting a better education.  24/7 really, don’t think so. All of this digital communication results in individuals that can’t carry on a face to face conversation. Inability to deal with others face to face. I wonder what is the software that protects our children? Has the district had issues with the IPads? Let’s check.   More CORAs.



Integrity in Leadership

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