Isn’t it Sad that some are so hateful, their life must be Sad

Shame, shame on the individual that called herself, Chef Helper, first you are not an employee of the diner.  The Chef would not hire an individual that does not understand business or what makes a caring families (ask the young adults that broke into the store).  Whomever claims to be the helper, anyone that belittles others and then acts as a coward by not including their names should %^$^**^.

About the 4th celebration, whomever you really are: who do you think funded most of the event, who do you think put it together?  Not you, the Ear or members of the school board, you should say I’m sorry and drop $10.00 at the fire station; but being the type of person you appear to be; expecting others to pay your way, free loader would be the word. Have you shopped at a 7-11 or the Country Store, prices are about or the same.  Items cost more 20 miles outside the city, check out the Peyton store, if you want to shop.  Or better yet, use your money and start another Ellicott store.  Bitch about others taking a chance you hide behind the bushes and call others names.  Again you owe the Bookers a big O, I’m sorry.  About the recall, wrong again, take the time to inform yourself, don’t continue to be one of the uninformed, it  makes you look bad.  It is individual like this that saddens me.  Wait till you stand in front of the MAKER and then make your case.  One of these days!

To the Bookers, thanks for the 4th events.  I believe it is time to post the list of those that did it for the citizens of Ellicott.  To the Cowgirl, thanks for the email but didn’t it sadden you that belittling others seem to make some feel important, so small.


Integrity in Leadership

PS if the Chef Helper is really the ear, again you need to ask for forgiveness

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