Who Cares? Is it really important, as long as we do what is right. It is called Honor!


“see I’m right; so there!” That isn’t at all what I’m saying; what I’m saying is “Ear is wrong”! I’m encouraging all to do some research before they believe anyone, knowledge is the key. The Ear continues to blame and slander any individual that has an opinion especially if they point out the lack of leadership that comes from this board and its president. The Chef continues to highlight failures and poor decisions made by this board.

I didn’t have to search the internet for articles, they come to the Diner. I highlight issues that this board failed to consider or think about. Just blind to everything,  making a poor and incomplete decision. Here is what the Chef would have done, developed a process where the computers are left in the classroom. Developed a classroom/subject system. Protect the children. Why is there the real need for the children to take a system home, why an email system, could it be so the teachers don’t have to deal face to face with the children or parents? There is so many sides to IT in the classroom, an article I just read states that some medical studies shows that the waves released by the computer screens is 10X the amount as a cell tower. Another states that teachers unions are protecting teacher that are now using IT material instead of teaching. I’m not against IT, it has a place but this board did nothing but say yes to the administration, no research. Now I have written! What is the number of students have to do with IT in the classroom, the ear is searching for crap.  Now the Ear is putting race and color into the mix.  One of these days we will link these hateful statements to a face.

My effort is to remove poor leaders, to replace those that have poor character with those that have leadership skills, those that are truly examples of what we need managing our district.  Honest individuals, individuals that we will be proud of.

Just what has the five current board member done for this community? Most have caused issues. Issue that will be addressed during the upcoming campaign and election.

quote, “short response to McDowell is “Who cares what you think”!

There are some, it will only take one more than the ones we seek to remove. Let’s wait until Nov. There is no one that “represents the community”, “there is no one that speaks for the community”, we are free High Plains men and women. Also how does the Ear know what is being contributed by others. Look at the old trailers as you enter “my” city, guess there are others that want at least two board members gone. 70 to 90 readers (daily) will gather together to form a tidal wave to put honesty and integrity back into this school board.

Are you asking me to run or telling me? As I have stated before announcing isn’t required until Aug. As of this post guess there is no one running. Again since the Ear/you want declare your name, it is difficult to believe anything post on the Ear’s blog. As hard as I want to believe that there is good in everyone, as to believing the Ear I can’t. Again this is a free county and as we campaign citizens will make their own decision as to which direction they want this district and our children to go.

Radical, been called many things but radical is a new one. Mr Ear someday the truth will be known.

PS Who are these SOS supporters? Could they be a figment of your dreams.

PSS  A funny comment made yesterday, they believe that the ear is so much like Hillary C.  that we should just call the ear Hillary.  Can’t trust anything that leaks from the site.  good point, now it is “Hillary the Ear”



Integrity in Leadership

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