9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots– Speaks Out

Good Day,

Independence Day is just days away and in many ways it seems it seems less a celebration than a time of  reflection of the deteriorating state of the nation. However, it is a celebration and a time of renewal.

The American Thinker article linked below is another reminder we are not alone. Mr. Marcus from Unhyphenated America tells us of the Volusia 912 project and how they are continuing to fight through these very difficult times. Like our own 912 Pikes Peak Patriots and others who are still doing all they can to push back against the ungodly and un-American forces who have taken over our governments, our institutions, who are corrupting our children and grandchildren in state indoctrination centers called schools, and who are unconstitutionally forcing their will over all of ours, we are not alone in this fight.

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty beaten down last weekend with all that happened in the U.S. extreme court. But as always happens, someone within the group picked up the slack because we as individuals can’t do it all and are not alone. The attacks on America from within are real and we are seeing the tangible results of a determined enemy as it wreaks havoc on all of society.

Call it creeping socialism or Marxism or cultural rot it is real and it is here and we must resist it all. America was born through revolution, but it took decades of Godly men preaching the Truth about God and true freedom for that spark to ignite. We are living through a counter revolution that also took decades which now seemingly is on the verge of destroying the God given and inspired ideals of our first revolution. But, something is standing in the way of this godless and evil counter revolution. That something is you, the Volusia 912, people like Mr. Marcus and Unhyphenated America, everyone who still knows what it is to be an American.

The radical in the White House, the now radical Supreme Court, a compliant and weak opposition in Washington, the un- American press, our own brand of radicals in D clothing in Denver, none of them can redefine America; that definition is written in stone with the blood of real Americans. The enemy can only transform and distort the ideals of our nation through revolution. We will not be transformed. Real Americans are pushing back and will fight until another spark is ignited. As Mr. Marcus says, “Go with God” and no matter how long it takes or how much things seemingly change that spark will again ignite.

 SCOTUS Ignites a New Level of Resistance

Have a safe and enjoyable celebration of the real America this Independence Day weekend.



Integrity in Leadership

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