Gosh can you believe this? A*&*&^%

mr ear is correct; which causes an issue in his position, ” The superintendent administers and executes the budget.”  The administration drafts the budget, the board reviews it (provides changes and comments), then back to the Superintendent & CFO for their agreement, then back to the board for another review, then release to the public for comments, then the board reviews it again, then votes to approve or disapprove. So who determines the budget, the board! Then the Superintendent “executes” the Board’s approved budget. If during the year the Superintendent or the board sees a need to change the budget they again must vote to change it.

I don’t know where the word “run” came from; but, I guess it depends on how you define the word “RUN”. But I believe that school boards “runs” their districts by establishing policies and ensuring they are followed. Superintendent’s define the educational program (the board approves) and if approved the board again monitoring the execution of the superintendent’s educational process. Who does the superintendent work for, who hired him, who fires him; the school board. So I say the school board “runs” the big picture and the superintendent the day-to-day operations. Like the military, the commander establishes policies and goals and the operational officer executes policies, working towards the organization’s goals.

Quote : “The school board does not tell the superintendent how to run the schools”. Wrong!!!!! ear, Why does all school boards vote on things, why does superintendents brief boards, why does all hires need board approval, why does all contracts require board approval, why does budgets need board approval, why does expenditures not budgeted need board approval, why does school trips require board approval. Why does the school calendar need board approval. I could go on and on. Who establishes the district’s/schools goal and agrees whether they were met or not? The school board!

Another quote; the decision to buy new equipment and new text books are all functions of the superintendent and not the school board.” Wrong again!!!!!!!! This is again a mistake from the ear, can I ask the ear to read if he hasn’t already read the board’s agenda, for tomorrow night’s meeting. Text book approval, who approved the IPads, the laptops, the software and the big one the superintendent’s salary. Tomorrow nights meeting, guess what 10 items requiring board approval.  Who brought these items to the board “FOR APPROVAL”, the superintendent. I have attended other District meetings and I would bet that their board would say that boards RUN the districts or they will say we both do it together.  What is the purpose of a school board?  Lets look it up!    Colo. Rev. Stat. 22-32-109 and Colo. Rev. Stat. 22-32-110  What is important is this statement, “The board may delegate many of the duties required by law to the superintendent.  If a particular function is close to the school district’s educational mission, the board most likely should not delegate that function.” 

Now the comments about the military running for the board. Tours are 3-4 years, some are controlled and with budget cuts they maybe even longer. For an individual to run, all they need to do is register to vote, that takes 10 minutes on-line, and live within the district; all has been done. Military members vote in the state where they can do the most value; in their opinion. If a military member is thinking of retiring in Colorado, then again 10 minutes. What is this “commit” word, when does running require a contract? Seems like a number of ex-board members just resigned without finished their “commitment”. Besides; a military member will be able to put honor back in this board the first month. Our children need examples of what integrity and character will do in creating a strong adult. Ear, does anyone know they will be here tomorrow, guess that’s reading the crystal ball again.

Is suggesting that a military member would be outstanding on this board, a mistake.  Let’s have them explain the dislike for the military. Why is that. Remember the term, drafted? mr ear stop BSing and do some research.

mr ear lets graph out the scores, even the HS principal said there was much more work to do. Lets again look at the status for District 22.

mr ear, lets discuss the “concept”. What is “achievement”, where does if fit into the steps to adulthood. What were the reading, math, science and history scores? What was the average ACT scores?   Shouldn’t the district’s real goal be, ” making the best adult, our children can be? Responsible, honest, caring for others and most important a person with integrity. Not a brown paper bag adult, like some of our elected individuals. Okay mr ear let’s go, discuss!

Also mr ear, I don’t have the time to point out your misuse of the English language, I understand we sometime write as we speak. So as long as I can understand the writer, it is OK. “Ignorance and Stupidity at the same time“, guess the ear made a few mistakes does this statement apply?.


Integrity in Leadership

PS.      Who did the citizens elect to RUN the district?  Did not see Dr. Cullen’s name on the ballot.

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