Why are people always picking on M^

Have you noticed that there are some that seems to make up everything, dreamland.  I call it miss or re- directing the conversation (MD).  Here are a few examples and there is nothing else but MDs in all of his post:

– first disagreement with some one bad, that is what having opinions is about and makes the bus go around and around

– second- the poster needs to look at the retirement pay scale

– third- check to see if the people spent 35 years in government service

– a retired military member does not get free medical insurance

– take the time to check as to how many of today’s board members get a monthly government check, so  that makes them unqualified

– what was the date of the post where I said, “He is Qualified”.

– the Chef asked the poster, to explain what makes one qualified, yet to see the list

– just where has there been any discussion about the “less fortunate”  at the Diner or by any of the diners

– could someone define (rant and rave)

– the poster must not be looking at my tax return, helping others is a personal action

– look back at the Chef’s post there are plenty of discussion on what he suggest to improve the all around education

– If there are rules either follow them or change them , not just turn your back.  The Chef did not vote 5-0 on creating fees

– what is an even break, expecting others to take care of them will make them dependent on others for ever

– lets change the word “study” to “thinking things through”, there are examples of “we didn’t think about that”, the poster seems to have an issue with making things “right”

– life experience aids the Chef in making the best out of things, we will be looking at the life experiences of each of the current board members, just to see

– isn’t public servants responsible to the pubic they serve?  just how long does it take to answer a couple of simple questions.  Isn’t that what each said, we want to know what the public thinks and read their policy, remember they work for the taxpayers

– I’m a taxpayer like others, that is why they should care about what the public’s concerns are.  If they don’t have the time, resign and we will find someone who responds to the public.  If they don’t want to answer questions delete their email address, isn’t that the purpose of creating email addresses to communicate!

– quote, ” Do you really want someone like him as your representative on the school board directing the education your child receives?”    Really, look at who is currently on the board.


quote: “just remember that the education your child receives must carry them into adulthood and is the foundation for their success as an adult. Do you want them to turn out like McDowell?”   Again really; I and many others consider my life too this point to be very successful. Mr Ear, met me under the shade tree and we can compare. I’ll let you start. You can bring any other board members with you, it would be exciting.

I feel strongly that when the citizens read and heard what has come from some members mouth and hands and their immediate supporters, minds will be changed. Looking forward to voting days.



Integrity in Leadership

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