Dr. Carson; America today

“We the People.” By opening our Constitution with these three simple words, the Founders made it clear that in America, the citizens would be the center of power. Government would only act with our consent. This was the true American Revolution. I am running for President because too many people in Washington have forgotten this. Every day, we receive pictures like the ones below, with people declaring “I’m With Ben.” I want you, as a hardworking American citizen, to know that I’m with you as well. It is your voice and your priorities that I am seeking to bolster. I am not interested in picking fights with my fellow candidates. I am interested in working together with you to heal, inspire and revive this great nation that we all love. Please join me now by making a secure donation to my campaign, Carson America.

You’ll often hear cynics in the Washington political class discount me by saying say, “Dr. Carson has no political experience.” I’ll tell you what – there are a lot of people in politics who are wise and can solve our problems. But there’s some people in politics I wouldn’t let tie my shoes. My experience has been in leading teams of people in extraordinarily difficult circumstances to solve problems, some of which I was told over and again could not be solved. Now I want to work with you to solve our nation’s problems. By working hard, telling the truth, and using our God-given common sense, we can absolutely do it. Please join me by making a donation to Carson America today, and let’s get to work.



Fayne Integrity in Leadership

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